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                                                   WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY
You may have a dream, but it will not be fulfilled automatically. It will if certain conditions are present, and if you take the necessary action. What is holding you back from fulfilling your dream could be lack of money, where you live, your family, your health, lack of opportunity, your job or many other factors. Maybe you are holding yourself back.
There will always be obstacles in the way for you to fulfill your dream, but you have to be determined to overcome them. You have to have character, resolve, true grit, a positive attitude, a never-give-up way of thinking, and a way of seeing your dream come true from the very beginning. Yes, it is important to see the end result from the beginning.
When a contractor is about to build a twenty-story building, he not only has to know what the finished product will look like, but also how everything will function in it. He cannot forget about the plumbing, the electrical or anything else needed for the building to function properly. He should not improvise as the construction of the building moves along, but every step has to be planned in advance.
That same reasoning applies to you. You cannot try to fulfill your dream without having a plan. You must have plans with objectives and a final goal. If you do that, your plan will be a success. You may have a setback here or there, but if you have made up your mind that you will do it, you will eventually do it. Nothing will be able to stop you.
Many of the people who have had a deal of great success in one field or another have overcome many difficulties. They had a plan with definite objectives and a final goal. They would not be deter from accomplishing their dream by nobody or by anything. They were on a mission, and they were determined not to let anything keep them from fulfilling it. Some of them were extremely poor, others had physical impediments, and some of them were told they would never make it.
I could give you many examples of many famous people who succeeded against all odds, but instead I am going to tell you about a young girl who came from Colombia at 13 years old. Her family was very poor and none of them spoke any English whatsoever. As a favor I did the immigration paperwork for them, so they WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY
You may have a dream, but it will not be fulfilled automatically. It will if certain conditions are present, and if you take the necessary action. What is holding you back from fulfilling your dream could be lack of money, where you live, your family, your health, lack of opportunity, your job or many other factors. Maybe you are holding yourself back.
There will always be obstacles in the way for you to fulfill your dream, but you have to be determined to overcome them. You have to have character, resolve, true grit, a positive attitude, a never-give-up way of thinking, and a way of seeing your dream come true from the very beginning. Yes, it is important to see the end result from the beginning.
When a contractor is about to build a twenty-story building, he not only has to know what the finished product will look like, but also how everything will function in it. He cannot forget about the plumbing, the electrical or anything else needed for the building to function properly. He should not improvise as the construction of the building moves along, but every step has to be planned in advance.
That same reasoning applies to you. You cannot try to fulfill your dream without having a plan. You must have plans with objectives and a final goal. If you do that, your plan will be a success. You may have a setback here or there, but if you have made up your mind that you will do it, you will eventually do it. Nothing will be able to stop you.
Many of the people who have had a deal of great success in one field or another have overcome many difficulties. They had a plan with definite objectives and a final goal. They would not be deter from accomplishing their dream by nobody or by anything. They were on a mission, and they were determined not to let anything keep them from fulfilling it. Some of them were extremely poor, others had physical impediments, and some of them were told they would never make it.
I could give you many examples of many famous people who succeeded against all odds, but instead I am going to tell you about a young girl who came from Colombia at 13 years old. Her family was very poor and none of them spoke any English whatsoever. As a favor I did the immigration paperwork for them, so they could become permanent residents of the USA, which they did. The young girl is now 29 years old and married to an engineer. She has several degrees and is practicing the law profession. Yes, she is a lawyer.
Everything seemed to be against the young girl succeeding, but she had, has, and will always have two solid things going for her; she believes in herself knowing that all things are possible for the person who believes in God (Mark 9:23) and has faith in God knowing and believing that with Him all things are possible (Mark 10:27).
You see, it is not what we can do, but rather what God can do working through us. We just have to be available and give it our best. God will do the rest. What keeps many people from fulfilling their dreams is that they feel sorry for themselves and make excuses. Excuses are exactly that. They are obstacles that should be overcome. If you have been making excuses, it is time to quit doing that, and to take the bull by the horns. Pray to God, make plans, and take action. The results will even astound you! If this article helped you, send me an e-mail. (11/28/2019)
could become permanent residents of the USA, which they did. The young girl is now 29 years old and married to an engineer. She has several degrees and is practicing the law profession. Yes, she is a lawyer.
Everything seemed to be against the young girl succeeding, but she had, has, and will always have two solid things going for her; she believes in herself knowing that all things are possible for the person who believes in God (Mark 9:23) and has faith in God knowing and believing that with Him all things are possible (Mark 10:27).
You see, it is not what we can do, but rather what God can do working through us. We just have to be available and give it our best. God will do the rest. What keeps many people from fulfilling their dreams is that they feel sorry for themselves and make excuses. Excuses are exactly that. They are obstacles that should be overcome. If you have been making excuses, it is time to quit doing that, and to take the bull by the horns. Pray to God, make plans, and take action. The results will even astound you! If this article helped you, send me an e-mail. (11/28/2019)























Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting to get different results. That has not worked in the past, is not working today, and will not work in the future. If you want to get different and hopefully better results you have to change yourself, change your environment or change whatever is necessary to achieve what you want to achieve.
If you really want to receive different and better results than what you have been getting, then your first step is to realize and admit to yourself that you need to change things. Yes, you have to change your way of proceeding, but to do that you have to change your way of thinking, but you cannot change your way of thinking, unless you change the input that is going in to your mind and your brain.
In Romans 12:2, the apostle Paul tells us: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, acceptable and perfect will of God.” In other words, to be a good Christian we have to transform our way of thinking. Without doing that, we are still running our own lives the way we see fit, instead of following the word of God. As we all know, God’s ways are totally opposite to the ways of this world. God’s ways are based on wisdom, grace and love, while ours are normally based on self-gratification and greed.
Yes, we have to change what we allow to come in to our mind and to our brain. The only way we can do that is by being selective as to what we choose to permit to come in and to what we close the door. If what we have done before has not given us positive results, then we have to investigate other venues. That might mean doing some research to find out what is viable, feasible, positive and practical considering all the circumstances.
We do not have to be a rocket scientist to find out what is viable, feasible and practical for us to engage in improving our situation. It could be going back to college, training in a different field, moving to a different place, dropping friendships that could be holding us back from achieving our goals, leaving bad habits behind, maybe acquiring new habits that would help us succeed, and so on. There is a myriad of things we can do to change our lives for the better.
If you have been getting negative results, maybe it is time for you to apply some of the ideas I mentioned in this article. By trying you have nothing to lose, but low self-esteem, frustrations, disappointments and failure. If this article has helped you see your life in a different light, send me an email. God bless you! (11/21/2019)


All of us encounter problems. Some are big, some are not so big, and some are rather small or insignificant. Some we have to solve, while others can be ignored because they will care of themselves. Many times the things we worry might happen never happen. However when they do happen, there are steps we can follow to solve even the biggest problems.
The first step is to realize we have a problem. There is no way we can solve a problem if we do not recognize the fact that indeed it does exist, and that it is an inconvenience to us in one way or another. We cannot run away from problems, we have to meet them head on. Many of them if we ignore them, they only get worse. Many people, for whatever reason, do not recognize they have a problem, and therefore cannot solve it.
What are the problems that people do not recognize? Alcoholics hardly ever recognize that they have a drinking problem. They say they are social drinkers. Drugs users do not recognize their dependency on drugs. They may say it is medicine or just an energy booster. A person who has an anger problem may say that he has a strong personality, or that he is just that way. That however just gives more life to the problem.
The second step, of course is, to know what the problem is, not the symptoms as we stated previously. Let me give you an example; maybe your car does not start, and you think it is because it is out of gasoline. You put gasoline into the tank, and the car still does not start. Then you think it is the battery, so you buy a new one, and then in a day or two the new battery goes dead. It is only then when you find out that the real problem is the alternator, so you have a new one installed, and your problem is solved.
The third step in solving a problem is to come up with two or three solutions to solve the problem. Many times what would be the best solution is not the one you should choose. The reasons are simple; it could be too expensive, it could take too long, or the resources are not available. Then you go to the second best solution, and if that is feasible, practical and doable, that is the one you choose. If it is not, then you go to the next best solution.
The fourth step is to field test your solution. That means try it out to see if it really works. If it does, your problem is solved. If it does not, then you try another solution. If you follow the four steps mentioned, you can solve any problem. It can be a short-time solution or a long-time one. It might be a short-range solution, or it may be a long-range.
A short-range solution can be one where you just solve the problem for a short period of time because it is a short-range problem. For example, your car breaks down, and you need to get to work, so you borrow a car until you can fix yours. That would solve your problem momentarily. A long-range solution would be where you would buy a new car or a much better one than your old one, so that you would not have that problem again.
A short-time solution may be one where you solve the problem immediately. The long-time one may be where you want to work at something you truly enjoy, and at the same time earn quite a bit of money doing it. You may have to attend college for several years if it is a profession, or if it is a sport you may have to practice, practice and practice, play, play and play for years before becoming a professional. Only you would know how much you would be willing to sacrifice to accomplish your goal. (11/14/2019


In Romans 1:16-17, the apostle Paul tells us: “ For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith.” Since we, who are righteous, are supposed to live by faith, what does that really mean?
I will give several examples so you will have a clear picture as to what it is to live by faith in God. In John 14:6, Jesus Himself tells us: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except by Me.” That means that Jesus is the only way to salvation. We have to put our faith in Him, and not in anything or anybody else. All the other so-called gods are man-invented or man-made. Any religion that claims it can give you salvation is false and pure nonsense. Salvation does not come through religion, but through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our faith has to be in Jesus, and in Him alone.
In John 8:31-32, Jesus told the Jews: “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” The truth is in His words, we ought to believe them, and live by them by putting them into practice. His word, which contains the truth, will set us free from the lies of Satan, and from the lies of the world. There are many false so-called truths in the world, and many more are coming up every single day.
We should not accept every single statement or declaration just because it was made by a pastor, an evangelist, or a so-called man of God. We should test it with the Bible – the word of God – and if it does not agree with it, we should not accept it at all. The absolute truth is the word of God. Anything else comes from people, and as we well know people have their personal agenda. Their agenda normally centers around becoming wealthy, gaining fame, being influential or becoming popular.
We cannot believe most salesmen because, as we stated before they have their personal agenda, and that is to sell their product whatever it may be. They will tell you that their product is the best one in the market, but in most cases it is not true. They may also tell you that the price they are quoting you is only for that moment – that you have to buy then, or the price will increase substantially. Unfortunately many buyers fall for their scheme. The truth notwithstanding, it is also true with religious people. They will tell you that their religion is the best and the only way to heaven. Lies, lies, lies!
Many times pastors, evangelists, lawyers, politicians, singers, movie stars and athletes sell themselves. Now with the new means of communication, it has become much easier for them to establish a base of followers. Their followers follow them blindly. They do not question anything they say or do. If they said it, it becomes the gospel truth to their followers or constituents. That is not the faith Christ followers should live by. It is not faith, but stupidity!
Do not fall into that.
When we are going through tough times, and sooner or later all of us do, we should go through them in faith. That faith should be In knowing that God can turn it around at any given moment, and that there is a silver lining to every bad situation. The jealous brothers of Joseph, the son of Jacob and grandson of Abraham, tried to kill him, and eventually they sold him as a slave, but God used him to save the Jewish nation from hunger and starvation. In Genesis 50:18-21, the Bible says: “ His brothers then came and threw themselves down before him (Joseph). “We are your slaves,” they said. But Joseph said to them, “Don’t be afraid. Am I in the place of God? You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. So then, don’t be afraid. I will provide for you and your children.” And he reassured them and spoke kindly to them.” We should live by faith because the truth is that we are never alone – God is always with us.
When we need to make a decision, and we are not sure which way to go, we should look up that topic in the Bible, and see what God would have us do. Almost every single topic is covered in the word of God. In most cases we will find the answer in the Bible. Another thing we can do is ask advice from professionals and people we know are close to God. That person could be a pastor, an expert in that field, or a good friend who is living a godly life.
Of course just about every decision has consequences, so we should pray to God, and ask Him what we should do. In many cases God will speak to us through people, through His word or even through our minds. We will know what to do, as one way or the other the Holy Spirit will give us the answer. Ask Father God to make it very clear to you, so you will not make a mistake. If you have a sense of peace about it, go ahead with it, but if you do not feel right about it, don’t do it.
If you are righteous, and have received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, live by faith. That faith should be in knowing that you will spend eternity with God and not in the lake of fire. (11-7-2019)


The word of God refers to your attitude, behavior and way of living as the condition of the soil of your heart. In Matthew 13:3-23, Jesus explains four types of soil where the word of God falls and how each person reacts to it. That soil, of course, is the condition of your heart.
The first soil is where the seed is planted on the wayside, but it really refers to a person who is given the word of God, and since he does not understand it, does nothing to learn more about God. He hears it, but does not put it into practice because he does not really have much interest in it.
The second soil are the stony places where no plant can really grow. It is really referring to people who hear the word of God, and get momentarily excited about it, but when troubles and hard times come they forget all about it. In other words, the cares of this world have more effect and impact on them than the word of God.
The third soil is when the seed falls among the thorns. The thorns, of course, choke out the seed. As with the others, it is not really referring to soil or thorns, but about the condition of the human heart. These are the people who receive the word of God, but the cares of this world, and the pursuit of riches, position and fame do not allow them to learn the word of God, much less to live by its principles.
The last soil is the good one. This is the person who receives the word of God gladly, learns it, and puts it into practice. In other words, he lives by it. His life is transformed by the renewing of his mind according to Romans 12:2. He becomes a new creation according to 2 Corinthians 5:17, where it says: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”
The main question is…In what condition is your heart? What type of soil are you? Are you living life one-hundred percent your way, or are you living it by godly standards? Will the words of this article go in one ear and come out the other, or will they help transform your way of thinking, and more importantly your way of living?
Religion will not get you to heaven and neither will good works, good thoughts or a good reputation. The only thing that will get you to heaven is a relationship with Jesus Christ. In John 14:6, Jesus says: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except by Me.” If you have never accepted Him as your Lord and Savior, this is the perfect time to do so. If you do not know how to do it, read the following prayer, and when you, more or less, understand it, pray it to God aloud in all humility and sincerity. He will hear you, will forgive all your sins, and will give you salvation – allow you to spend eternity with Him.
“Father God, I repent of all my sins. I ask You to forgive me. I believe and declare that Jesus Christ is Your Son, that He suffered, died to pay for my sins, that He resurrected on the third day, and that now He is at your right hand interceding for me. I also ask You to allow the Holy Spirit to live in me, so He can guide me and protect me. Thank You God. Amen.”
Do not let anybody lie to you. If you prayed that prayer in all sincerity God has accepted you as His child. If you did not pray the prayer, think again because your soul is in the balance and it is headed downward to a very hot and horrible place. (10-31-2019)







PRAY FOR CALIFORNIA (October 31, 2019)

Please pray for the innocent people of California. There are many fires threatening people’s homes and lives. Also pray that they will get closer to God, instead of moving farther and farther away from Him as many of them have been doing.


Oren por la gente inocente de California. Hay muchos incendios amenazando los hogares de las personas igualmente que a sus vidas. También oren para que la gente se arrepienta y comience a buscar a Dios. Se han estado alejando más y más de Dios


I am sure you are quite aware about the extreme violence in our country. There are, of course, many reasons for it, but one of them is that assault rifles and other guns are readily available to everybody. Proponents of having an arsenal of weapons will argue that the Second Amendment gives them the right to own them, but when that amendment was added to the Constitution the circumstances were very different. In those days people needed weapons to kill animals for food and to protect their families because the state and local governments could not provide the needed protection.
Pray that the government will pass a law that will provide for strong background checks , and that owning a weapon without legal permission will become a crime. We have to stop this violence that is killing innocent people.


Pray for the welfare and safety of the Venezuelan people. Maduro and his soldiers could kill hundreds and even thousands of people at any given moment. They are at his mercy without any food, medication or weapons.


Oren por el bienestar y la seguridad de la gente venezolana. Maduro y sus soldados pueden matar centenares y hasta miles de personas en cualquier momento. La gente no tiene comestibles, medicamento ni armas con que defenderse.


This Saturday, February 23,2019, many people will try to take in humanitarian aid to Venezuela. It is quite possible that Nicolas Maduro may use his soldiers to try to stop the aid from coming in. That could mean bloodshed. Please pray that there won’t be any bloodshed.


Este sábado, el 23 de febrero, mucha gente intentará entrar ayuda humanitaria a Venezuela. Es muy posible que Nicolás Maduro se oponga con su ejército. Puede haber derramamiento de sangre, y mucha gente puede morir. Por favor oren que no haya derramamiento de sangre, y que no muera gente inocente.


Pray that there won’t be any bloodshed in Venezuela on the 23rd of this month (February 2019). That is the day that the humanitarian aid is supposed to be delivered to Venezuela. People are dying for lack of food and medication.


Oren que no haya derramamiento de sangre en Venezuela el 23 de este mes (Febrero del 2019). Ese es el día cuando se va a tratar de entregar la ayuda humanitaria a los venezolanos. Gente se está muriendo por falta de comestibles y falta de medicamentos.



There could be much bloodshed in Venezuela. Pray that there will be a peaceful change of government. Needless to say, it is an extremely dangerous situation. Most dictators do not give up their reign peacefully and Nicolas Maduro is no exception. Pray, pray and pray!

OREN POR VENEZUELA (14 de Enero 2019)

Mucha sangre puede ser derramada en Venezuela. Oren para que sea una transición de gobierno pacífica. Sabemos que es una situación peligrosa y delicadísima. La mayoría de los dictadores no dejan el mando pacíficamente, y Nicolás Maduro no es la excepción. ¡Oren, oren, y oren!

                                                              CALIFORNIA (November 22, 2018)
Pray for the people of California to get close to God. They need salvation, and also to pray, so that God may not allow all those disasters to happen there. If they continue to move away from God, more disasters will come on them. God cannot be mocked (Galatians 6:7-8).

                                                           CALIFORNIA (22 de Noviembre 2018)
Oren para que la gente de California se acerque a Dios. Necesitan salvación, y también orar para que Dios no permita que tengan más desastres. Si continúan alejándose de Dios, les llegarán más desastres. Uno no puede engañar a Dios.

A few caravans of people are coming from Central America with the intention of entering our country illegally. It could be as many as 10,000 people or even more. If we allow them to come in, then another wave of twenty or thirty thousand will follow them, and it will continue. Pray for God to give President Trump wisdom what to do.
While we sympathize with those people and feel sorry for them, we cannot allow them to break our laws and to come in illegally by force. By not knowing our language and by not being professionally prepared they would be a burden to our society. We already have a homeless problem and some of us cannot afford to buy medical insurance, let alone provide benefits for thousands and thousands of people simply because somebody told them to come here.

                                                               NECESITAMOS QUE ORES
Algunas caravanas de gente de Centroamérica vienen de camino hacia los Estados Unidos con la intención de ingresar a nuestro país ilegalmente. Esos grupos pueden contener hasta 10.000 personas o más. Si les permitimos la entrada, vendría otra onda de veinte o treinta mil más casi inmediatamente, y eso continuaría. Oren para que Dios le dé sabiduría al Presidente Trump qué hacer.
Simpatizamos con los caravaneros y les tenemos lástima, pero no podemos permitir que desobedezcan nuestras leyes y que ingresen ilegalmente por fuerza. Ya que no hablan el inglés ni están preparados profesionalmente serían una carga extra para nuestra sociedad. Ya que tenemos el problema grave con los indigentes, y a algunos de nosotros los trabajadores no nos alcanza el dinero para pagar un seguro médico, sería una injusticia que nuestro gobierno pagara millones de dólares por los beneficios de los indocumentados que vendrían en esas caravanas.

HURRICANE MICHAEL (October 18, 2018)

Pray for the people of the state of Florida as Hurricane Michael caused a lot of destruction. Some people lost all they had. They need to put their lives back together again. They definitely need our prayers.

HURACÁN MICHAEL (18 de Octubre 2018)

Oren por la gente del estado de la Florida, porque el Huracán Michael les ha causado un tremendo daño. Muchas personas perdieron todo lo que tenían. Necesitan comenzar completamente de nuevo. Necesitan nuestras oraciones.

HURRICANE MICHAEL (October 10, 2018)

Pray for the people of the state of Florida to be safe from category-four Hurricane Michael. Pray that no human lives will be lost. The physical damage can be repaired and restored, but human lives cannot.

HURACÁN MICHAEL (10 de Octubre 2018)

Oren por la gente del estado de la Florida, porque les llega un huracán categoría 4 con el nombre de Michael. Oren que nadie pierda su vida a causa del huracán. El daño físico se puede reparar y restaurar, pero una vida humana no.


If you are a Christian, whether you believe Dr. Christine Blassey Ford or Judge Brett Kavanaugh is really irrelevant. Just pray that the truth will come out, and that the peace and harmony in those two families will be restored. Regardless of who is right and who is wrong, both of their families are suffering tremendously because of what Congress is subjecting them to. That does not seem like the American way to me, much less the Christian way.


Si eres cristiano, si le crees a la doctora Christine Blassey Ford o al juez Brett Kavanaugh es irrelevante. Simplemente ora que se sepa la verdad, y que la paz de ambas familias sea restaurada. No importa quien tenga la razón de los dos, sus familias están sufriendo tremendamente por causa del Congreso. A mi parecer ese no es ni el modo estadounidense ni la manera cristiana de actuar.


There are still several fires going on in California. Pray that no more lives will be lost. Also pray that no more houses, cars o other property will be destroyed. Some people have already lost everything they had. Pray for them too.


Todavía hay varios incendios muy activos en California. Oren para que no se pierdan más vidas. También oren para que no se destruyan más viviendas, coches u otras pertinencias. Algunas personas ya lo han perdido todo. Orean por ellas

THE FIRES (August 2, 2018)

Please pray for the people affected by the fires in California. A few of them have lost their lives, and many have lost their homes. Pray for the firefighters to be able to extinguish the fires, for not one more person to die, and for not one more home to be destroyed. Remember; God hears the prayers of His people.

LOS INCENDIOS (2 de Agosto 2018)

Ore por las personas en California quienes están afectadas por los incendios. Algunos de ellos han perdido sus vidas, y muchos has perdido sus hogares. Ore por los bomberos para que puedan apagar los incendios, par que no muera una persona más, y para que no se destruya una casa más. Recuerde; Dios oye las oraciones de sus


Pray for the hatred in the United States to completely subside, and for the love of God to prevail. We need that now more than ever. Instead of putting any political party first, we need to put America in front of any of them, and even before that we need to put God. We need to return being one nation under God, and to trust in God once again.


Ore para que el odio en los Estados Unidos se opaque y se termine, y para que el amor de Dios sea el que prevalezca. Actualmente eso se necesita más que nunca. En vez de darle prioridad a los partidos políticos en nuestras vidas debemos darle prioridad a nuestro país y sobre el país a nuestro Dios. Es menester que volvamos a ser una nación Dios mediante, y confiar en él de nuevo.

Thought of the Week

A wise (James 1:5, Proverbs 2:6, Proverbs 16:16) person who knows the truth (John 14:6, John 8:32) prays (Philippians 4:6) in faith (Romans 10:17, Ephesians 2:8-9), and lives by faith (Habakkuk 2:4). Are you such a person


Although the situation may look bleak, do not give up. It’s not over till it’s over. If you are a Christian, pray to God, and He may just give you the miracle you need. Normally He waits until it seems to be the last possible moment and then He acts on your behalf.


Aunque tu situación parezca oscura e imposible, no te rindas. No se termina hasta que todo se haya dicho y hecho. Si eres cristiano, órale a Dios, y él puede hacerte el milagro que necesitas. Normalmente Dios espera hasta que parezca ser el último momento, y entonces él actúa para ayudarte.


You should be your own person. Do not follow the herd like a sheep. Make your own decisions. Do not have tattoos put on you because you see others with them. Do not drink or smoke because others are doing it. Do not use drugs because you want to fit in with the crowd. Do not insult the President because others are doing it. Think for yourself, and don’t be a puppet manipulated by society.


Trata de ser tu propia persona. No sigas la manada como si fueras oveja. Haz tus propias decisiones. No permitas que te pongan tatuajes, porque ves a otras personas con ellos. No tomes, fumes, porque otros lo hacen. No uses drogas, porque quieres pertenecer al grupo popular. No insultes al Presidente Trump, porque los otros lo están haciendo. Piensa por ti mismo, y no seas marioneta manipulada por la sociedad.


In Ecclesiastes 10:2, the Bible tells us: “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” There is a country where a certain political party inclines to the right, but another one inclines to the left. The latter inclines toward socialism and destruction of a godly form of government.


En Eclesiastés 10:2, la biblia dice: “El corazón del sabio se inclina a la derecha, pero el corazón del necio a la izquierda.” Existe un país donde un partido político se inclina a la derecha, pero otro se inclina a la izquierda. Éste se inclina hacia el socialismo y la destrucción de un gobierno según la voluntad de Dios.


You may not know God, but He knows you. You may not believe in Him, but He believes in you. You many not hear Him, but He hears you. You may not see Him, but He sees you, and you may not love Him, but He loves you.


Tal vez no conozcas a Dios, pero él sí te conoce. Es posible que no creas en él, pero él cree en ti. Es probable que no lo oigas, pero él te oye. Es muy cierto que no lo ves, pero él sí te ve a ti. Supongamos que no lo amas, pero él te ama a ti.


I wonder how much we could accomplish as a nation if the Democrats would cooperate with the Republicans and with the President? Instead of trying to find ways to impeach the President the Democrats should be trying to find ways to make this a better country for all of us. The infrastructure of this country is crumbling, yet the Democrats do not seem to care about that.


Me pregunto…¿Cuánto podríamos lograr como nación si los Demócratas cooperaran con los Republicanos y con el Presidente? En vez de buscar maneras para sacar del puesto al Presidente los Demócratas deberían encontrar maneras para mejorar nuestro país. La infraestructura de nuestro país se está deteriorando más y más, pero a los Demócratas no parece importarles.


My purpose in life is to be a mirror that reflects to a dark and hurting world God’s love, light, compassion, mercy, grace, and forgiveness. You can be such a mirror too.


Mi propósito en la vida es de ser un buen espejo que le refleja a un mundo pecaminoso y oscuro la luz, el amor, la compasión, la misericordia y el perdón de Dios. ¡Tú puedes ser espejo también!


Every day we have the opportunity to plant seeds of love. Some of these seeds will produce a harvest in our lives, and some in the lives others


Todos los dias temenos la oportunidad de sembrar semillas de amor.  Algunas de esas semillas produceran una buena cosecha en nuestras vidas y otras en las vidas de otras personas.  


Many young people want to start at the top. While that is understandable, it is not practical nor viable. If we start with small beginnings, and do it correctly, we will start ascending in due time. Not only will we appreciate it more, but in most cases we will be better prepared, and will do a better job.


Mucha gente joven quiere comenzar arriba. Aunque entendemos la razón no es práctico ni viable. Si empezamos con un pequeño comienzo, y lo hacemos correctamente, a su adecuado tiempo comenzamos a ascender. No tan sólo lo apreciaremos más, sino que estaremos mejor preparados, y rendiremos mejores resultados..


In this world and even in the next one we reap what we sow. What are you sowing? Are you sowing seeds of kindness or seeds of hatred? Are you sowing positive seed or a negative one? Are you putting your trust in God, in yourself, in your money, or in the devil? Whatever you are sowing that’s what you will reap in this life, and even in eternity. It’s up to you!


En este mundo y hasta en la eternidad cosechamos lo que sembramos. ¿Qué es lo que estás sembrando? ¿Estás sembrando semillas de amabilidad o de odio? ¿Confías en Dios, en ti, en tus riquezas, o en el diablo? Lo que estés sembrando es lo que vas a cosechar en esta vida y también en la eternidad. Hay muchas clases de semilla en tus manos – ¿Cuál vas a sembrar?









famous quotes


      MANNY PACQUIAO (1978-Present) – Filipino Professional Boxer and Politician
“I want to let people know that there is a God who can raise someone from nothing into something, and that’s me. I came from nothing into something and I owe everything to God. He gave me His blessing. It’s all credit to the Lord.”
Not only is he one of the greatest boxers, but he is a wonderful Christian. He is helping the poor people in his country – the Philippines. May our God keep on blessing him!

                                  MANNY PACQUIAO (1978 – Presente) – Es Filipino Boxeador Profesional y Político
“Quiero que la gente sepa que hay un Dios quien puede levantar a uno de la nada y llevarlo a ser alguien, y ese alguien soy yo. Vine de la nada a ser algo y le debo todo a Dios. Me dio su bendición. Todo el crédito es para el Señor.”
No solamente es uno de los boxeadores más grandes, sino que es un buen cristiano. Le ayuda mucho a la gente pobre de su país – las islas filipinas.

DOC HOLLIDAY (1851-1887) – American Gambler, Gunfighter and Dentist
“Why should I obtain by force that which I can obtain by cheating.”
Of course, I do not agree with him, but many of our politicians would agree with him. Not only the politicians, but many of the wealthy businessmen would agree as well.

DOC HOLLIDAY (1851-1887) – Tahur Estadounidense, Pistolero y Dentista
“Por qué obtener a la fuerza lo que puedo obtener haciendo trampa.”
Desde luego que no estoy de acuerdo con él, pero muchos de los políticos sí lo están, y no solamente los políticos, sino que también muchos de los empresarios.

GUY DE MAUPASSANT (1850-1893) – 19TH Century French Author
“Le voyage est une espèce de porte par où l’on sorte de la réalité comme pour pénétrer dans une réalité inexplorée qui semble un rêve.” That, of course, means, “Travel, like dreams, is a door that opens from the real world into a world that is yet to be.”
Traveling is one of the best educations a person can have. Not only do we learn a lot by traveling, but it also makes our dreams come true.

GUY DE MAUPASSANT (1850-1893) – Escritor Francés del Siglo 19
“Le voyage est une espèce de porte par où l’on sorte de la réalité comme pour pénétrer dans une réalité inexplorée qui semble un rêve.” Desde luego que eso significa, “Viajar, como los sueños, es una puerta que se abre del mundo verdadero a una realidad inexplorada que parece ser un sueño.”
El viajar es una de las mejores educaciones y aprendizajes que uno puede tener. No solamente aprendemos algo, sino que hace que nuestros sueños se conviertan en realidades

MARKUS ZUSAK (1975-Present) – Australian Writer of German Origin
“Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are.”
Many people are beautiful just because of who they are, They do not need any special talents or abilities. It is their attitude and demeanor that sets them apart from the rest.

MARKUS ZUSAK (1975-Presente) – Escritor Australiano de Origen Alemán
“A veces la gente es bella. No en apariencia. No en lo que dice. Solamente en lo que es.”
Muchas personas son hermosas por lo que son. No necesitan talentos ni habilidades especiales. Es su actitud y comportamiento lo que los destaca de los demás

MAHATMA GANDHI (1869-1948) – Indian Lawyer, Anti-Colonial Nationalist and Political Ethicist.
“Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent than the one derived from fear of punishment.”
Not only is his statement correct, but if applied universally this world would be a much better place than what it is.

MAHATMA GANDHI (1869-1948) – Pensador, Abogado y Político Hinduista
“Hay dos clases de poder. Uno se obtiene por el miedo de ser castigado y el otro por actos de amor. El poder basado en el amor es mil veces más efectivo y permanente que el derivado por el miedo al castigo.”
No solamente tiene la razón, sino que si se aplicara universalmente este mundo sería mucho mejor de lo que es.

LIONEL MESSI (1987-Present) – Argentine Professional Footballer
“There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy and smiling child. I always help in any way I can, even if its only by signing an autograph. A child’s smile is worth more than all the money in the world.”
All adults should be nice and kind to children. They are our future. A happy child becomes a happy adult in most cases.

LIONEL MESSI (1987-Presente) – Argentino Jugador Profesional de Fútbol .
“No hay nada más satisfactorio que ver a un niño feliz y sonriente. Siempre he ayudado como puedo incluso si significa solamente firmar un autógrafo. La sonrisa de un niño vale más que cualquier cantidad de dinero en el mundo.”
Todos los adultos deberían ser amables y simpáticos con los niños. Son nuestro futuro. Un niño feliz se convierte en un adulto feliz en la mayoría de los casos.


“The first step to ignorance is to boast you know.”
Many times people boast that they know what they really do not know. It is much better just to admit that one does not know but is willing to learn.



“El primer paso de la ignorancia es presumir saber.”
Mucha gente presume saber lo que en realidad no sabe. Es mucho mejor admitir que uno no sabe hacer algo, pero que está dispuesto a aprender


“History has shown us time and time again that what is right is not what is popular.”
Look at what is popular in the United States, and that is definitely not right. But then again, it is in the Bible. In Isaiah 5:20-21, God speaking through the prophet Isaiah says: “ Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!”
If you look at the politicians in Washington you will understand that they calling good to what is wrong, and bad to what is right. They are also calling their lies truths, and the truths of others lies.


“La historia nos ha enseñado vez tras vez que lo que es correcto no es lo que es popular.”
Mira lo que es popular en los Estados Unidos, y eso definitivamente no es correcto. La biblia ya lo ha explicado. En Isaías 5:20-21, Dios hablando por medio del profeta Isaías dice: “!!Ay de los que a lo malo dicen bueno, y a lo bueno malo; que hacen de la luz tinieblas, y de las tinieblas luz; que ponen lo amargo por dulce, y lo dulce por amargo!! !!Ay de los sabios en sus propios ojos, y de los que son prudentes delante de sí mismos!!”
Si escuchas a los políticos de Washington verás que a lo malo le llaman bueno, y a lo bueno le llaman malo. También a sus mentiras les llaman verdades, y a las verdades de otros les llaman mentiras.

ANDY WILLIAMS (1927-2012) – American Pop Singer

“The important things are children, honesty, integrity and faith.”
One needs to love children because they desperately need it and because it will make a big difference in their lives. We need to be honest with each other, have integrity, and live by faith. If all of us were to do those four things this world would be a much better place than it is right now.

ANDY WILLIAMS (1927-2012) – Cantante Estadounidense

“Las cosas importantes son los niños, la honestidad, la integridad y la fe.”
Uno debe amar a los niños porque lo necesitan desesperadamente y porque hace una gran diferencia en sus vidas. Necesitamos ser honestos los unos con los otros, tener integridad, y vivir por fe. Si todos hiciéramos esas cuatro cosas este mundo estaría mucho mejor de lo que está actualmente.



                      British Stateswoman/Prime Minister 1979-1990
“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money.”
She was right on target. Socialism has not produced positive results in any country. Unfortunately there is a political party in our country – the USA – that is inclined to believe in that, and wants to impose it to us the normal citizens.

MARGARET THATCHER (1925-2013) – Política Británica/Primer Ministro 1979-1990
“El problema con el socialismo es que eventualmente a uno se le acaba el dinero de otra gente.”
Tenía toda la razón. El socialismo no ha funcionado bien en ningún país. Desafortunadamente hay un partido político en nuestro país – Los Estados Unidos de América – que se inclina a creer eso, y quiere imponérnoslo a nosotros los ciudadanos.

BILLY GRAHAM (1918-2018) – American Evangelist
“The greatest legacy one can pass on to one’s children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one’s life, but rather a legacy of character and faith.”
Many people cannot handle fame and fortune because they do not have the proper character nor enough faith in God. Many of the ones who do not have God in their lives do not have wisdom because wisdom comes from God.
BILLY GRAHAM (1918-2018) – Evangelista Norteamericano
“El mayor legado que uno les puede pasar a sus hijos y a sus nietos no es dinero ni otras cosas materiales acumuladas durante la vida de uno, sino un legado de carácter y fe.”
Mucha gente no puede manejar la fama ni la fortuna, porque no tienen el carácter adecuado ni la suficiente fe en Dios. Muchas de las personas quienes no tienen a Dios en sus vidas no tienen sabiduría, porque la sabiduría viene de Dios.


VICTOR HUGO (1802-1885) – French Author

“Short as life is, we make it still shorter by the careless waste of time.”
He was right because most people do not really appreciate life. They abuse their bodies and live life carelessly. Because of that they die before their time, and they fail to enjoy life to the fullest. Enjoy life and do the best you can, because you will not have a second chance.

VíCTOR HUGO (1802-1885) – Escritor Francés

“Tan corta como es la vida, la hacemos más corta por el tiempo que gastamos descuidadamente.”
Tenía mucha razón, porque la mayoría de la gente, en realidad, no aprecia la vida. Abusan de sus cuerpos, y viven una vida desenfrenada. Por esa razón mueren antes de su tiempo, y no disfrutan la vida a lo máximo. Disfruta tu vida haciendo lo mejor que puedas, porque no tendrás una segunda oportunidad.


SIMON BOLIVAR (1783-1830) – Venezuelan Military, Politician and Founder of the Republics of Grand Colombia and Bolivia.
“The man of honor does not have another country than the one where the citizens’ rights are protected, and humanity’s sacred character is respected.” He fought for that all his life. It would be great if some world leaders would think that way today.
SIMÓN BOLÍVAR (1783-1830) – Militar, Político Venezolano y Fundador de las Repúblicas de la Gran Colombia y Bolivia.
“El hombre de honor no tiene más patria que aquella en que se protegen los derechos de los ciudadanos y se respeta el carácter sagrado de la humanidad.”


GLENN CAMPBELL (1936 – 2017) – American Singer
“There’s no pillow as soft as a clear conscience.” In other words, when one has a clear conscience one can sleep like a baby because there is nothing to hide, and nothing to fear. There’s a lot of truth to Glenn Campbell’s statement.

GLENN CAMPBELL (1936 – 2017) – Cantante Estadounidense
“No hay almohada tan suavecita como una conciencia limpia.” En otras palabras, si uno tiene la conciencia limpia uno puede dormir como un bebecito, porque no hay nada que esconder, y nada a que temerle. Hay mucha verdad en la declaración de Glenn Campbell


TED CRUZ (1970 – Present) – American Lawyer, Politician and US Senator.

“If you hate the Jewish people, you are not reflecting the teachings of Christ.” Truer words have not been spoken. He is right on target. How can a person say he is a Christian, and hate the Jewish people – God’s chosen people? We are to love them and pray for them on a daily basis. Read Genesis 12:3 and Psalm 122:6.

TED CRUZ (1970 – Presente) – Abogado, Político y Senador Norteamericano

“Si odias a la gente judía, no reflejas las enseñanzas de Cristo.” Son palabras de sabiduría. Él tiene toda la razón. ¿Cómo puede uno decir que es cristiano, y al mismo tiempo odiar a los judíos – el pueblo escogido de Dios? Debemos amarlos, y orar por ellos todos los días. Lee Génesis 12:3 y Salmo 122:6.

ALBERTO MORAVIA (1907-1990) – Italian Novelist and Journalist

“It is what we are forced to do that forms our character, not what we do of our own free will.”

Problems, trials, challenges and difficult times form our character. Without them we would not really know who we are.

ALBERTO MORAVIA (1907-1990) – Novelista y Periodista Italiano

“Lo que estamos forzados a hacer es lo que forma nuestro carácter, no lo que hacemos por nuestro propio albedrío.”

Los problemas, las pruebas, los retos, y los tiempos difíciles forman nuestro carácter. Sin ellos ni sabríamos quienes somos.

DONALD TRUMP – President of the United States of America

“I like thinking big. If you are going to be thinking, you might as well think big.”

Small minds think small, and for that reason they really never accomplish anything big. In order to succeed, one has to think big, have a dream, have vision, and act. Those elements need to be present.

DONALD TRUMP – Presidente de los Estados Unidos de América

“Me gusta pensar a lo grande. Si vas a estar pensando, más vale que pienses a lo grande.”

Las mentes pequeñas piensan a lo pequeño, y por esa razón casi nunca logran algo grande. Para triunfar, uno tiene que pensar a lo grande, tener un sueño, tener visión, y actuar. Esos elementos tienen que estar presentes.

THOMAS JEFFERSON (1743 – 1826) – American Statesman, Diplomat, Lawyer and Third President of the USA.

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”

You are not necessarily what you think or what you do, but you are definitely what you do. Your actions speaks much louder than your words. Let your actions do your talking.

THOMAS JEFFERSON (1743-1826) – Político, Diplomático, Abogado y Tercer Presidente de los Estados Unidos de América.

¿Quieres saber quién eres? No preguntes. ¡Actúa! La acción te delineará y te definirá.”

No eres necesariamente lo que piensas o lo que dices, sino sí eres definitivamente lo que haces. Tu acción habla mucho más fuerte que tus palabras. Habla por medio de tus acciones.

FRANCISCO DE QUEVEDO (1580 – 1645) – Famous Spanish Author

“He who spends time repenting about his past, loses the present and jeopardizes the future.”

He was correct in saying that. Some people spend so much time worrying about the past, which they cannot change, and fail to enjoy the present, much less the future. The past is good to learn from it, but not to dwell in it. Not much good comes from reliving old memories.

FRANCISCO DE QUEVEDO (1580 – 1645) – Escritor Famoso Español.

“El que pasa tiempo arrepintiéndose del pasado, pierde el presente y arriesga el futuro.”

Tenía toda la razón en decir eso. Algunas personas pasan su tiempo preocupándose del pasado sin poderlo cambiar, y no disfrutan el presente mucho menos el futuro. El pasado solamente es bueno para aprender algo de él, pero no para revivirlo. No se gana uno nada con ir al pasado. No se puede vivir de puras memorias.

CHARLES DE GAULLE (1890-1970) – French Army Officer and President of French Republic.

“I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.” Looking at the Congress of our nation, the United States of America, I believe he was one hundred percent correct.

CHARLES DE GAULLE (1890-1970) – Oficial en el Ejército Francés y Presidente de la República Francesa.

“He llegado a la conclusión que la política es un asunto demasiado serio para dejárselo a los políticos.” Al ver el congreso de los Estados Unidos de América tenemos que concluir que estaba cien por ciento correcto.

SEAN CONNERY (1930 – Present) – Scottish Actor and Producer

“Nothing is impossible, only mathematically improbable.” He almost agrees with the Bible. In Mark 10:27 Jesus said: “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.” In Mark 9:23, Jesus said: “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” The key, of course, is to have faith and truly believe.

SEAN CONNERY (1930 – Presente) – Actor y Productor Escocés

“Nada es imposible, simplemente matemáticamente improbable.” Él casi concuerda con la biblia. En Marcos 10:27, Jesucristo dijo: “Para los hombres es imposible; mas para Dios, no; porque todas las cosas son posibles para Dios.” En Marcos 9:23, Jesucristo dijo: “Si puedes creer, al que cree todo es posible.” La clave, desde luego, es tener fe y realmente creer en Dios.

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU (1949 – Present) – Israeli Politician, Current Prime Minister of Israel.

“The truth is that if Israel were to put down its arms there would be no more Israel. If the Arabs were to put down their arms there would be no more war.”

The Arab world wants to destroy the Jewish state and race forever. They have nothing but hatred for the Jewish people, who just happen to be God’s chosen people. God will always protect them because of the covenant He made with them.

BENJAMÍN NETANYAHU (1949 – Presente) – Político Israelita y Primer Ministro de Israel.

“La verdad es que si Israel dejara las armas no habría más Israel. Si los árabes dejaran las armas no habría más guerra.”

El mundo árabe quiere destruir al estado israelita y a la raza judía para siempre. Tienen puro odio hacia la gente judía, quienes han sido escogidos por Dios. Dios siempre los protegerá por el convenio que él hizo con ellos.

RABBI A.Y. KOOK (1865-1935) – Orthodox Rabbi, Jewish Thinker and Torah Scholar
“I don’t speak because I have the power to speak; I speak because I don’t have the power to be silent.”
His statement and philosophy are very a propos for our time. The way the American government is right now, we should not keep quiet. One political party is doing its best to take us into “socialism.” Socialism has not worked anywhere else in the world, so why would it work here?

RABÍ A. Y. KOOK (1865-1935) – Rabí Ortodoxo, Pensador Judío y Erudito en la Torá
“No hablo porque tengo el poder de hablar; hablo porque no tengo el poder de mantener el silencio.”
Su declaración y filosofía son perfectas para estos tiempos. Cómo está nuestro gobierno estadounidense, no deberíamos mantener el silencio. Un partido político está haciendo todo lo posible para llevarnos al socialismo. Éste no ha dado buenos resultados en ninguna parte del mundo, ¿Qué nos hace creer que funcionaria bien en nuestro país?

RICARDO MONTALBAN (1920 -2009) – Mexican Actor

“Politics is too partisan, and sometimes patriotism is cast aside. Patriotism is honor and love of your country and your brothers and sisters. With politics I get the impression that it’s all about what’s good for the party and not necessarily what’s good for the country.”

Although he wrote this quite a few years ago, it hits the nail right on the head. Right now we are living almost completely under partisan politics, and love of our country and patriotism have been cast aside and maybe even completely discarded. It is sad, but true.

RICARDO MONTALBÁN (1920-2009) – Actor Mexicano

“La política es muy partidaria, y a veces el patriotismo se echa al lado. El patriotismo es el honor y amor a nuestro país y a nuestros hermanos. Con la política me da la impresión que todo se trata de lo que es bueno para el partido y no necesariamente lo que es bueno para el país.”

Aunque lo escribió hace muchos años pasados, le da al clavo en la pura cabeza. Actualmente estamos viviendo completamente bajo una política partidaria, y el amor hacia nuestro país y el patriotismo se han echado al lado, y tal vez hasta se hayan descartado. Es triste, pero muy verdadero.

MARIO MORENO CANTINFLAS (1911-1993) – Mexican Actor and Comedian

“I don’t suspect anybody, but I distrust everyone.”

Basically what he was trying to say is that we should be careful and not trust everyone because many people have wrong intentions. An ounce of preventions can go a long way, and it is better to be safe than sorry.


MARIO MORENO CANTINFLAS (1911-1993) – Actor y Comediante Mexicano

“No sospecho de nadie, pero desconfío de todos.”

Básicamente lo que quería ensenarnos es que debemos tener cuidado en quien confiamos, porque mucha gente tiene malas intenciones. Prevenir es mucho mejor que lamentar. Una onza de prevención puede librarnos de un fracaso grandísimo.

MARIO MORENO CANTINFLAS (1911-1993) – Mexican Actor and Comedian

“We are in an era, in which man, scientifically and technologically …is a giant, but morally…is a pigmy.”

Truer words have not been spoken. Although he said this quite a few years ago, it is even more true today than then. Technologically we are making tremendous strides, but morally we are moving farther and farther away from God.

MARIO MORENO CANTINFLAS (1911-1993) – Actor y Comediante Mexicano

“Estamos en una era, en la que el hombre, científica y tecnológicamente …es un gigante, pero moralmente…es un pigmeo.”

Palabras más verdaderas no se han hablado. Aunque hace muchos años que lo dijo, es más verdadero hoy que entonces. Tecnológicamente vamos haciendo tremendo progreso, pero moralmente nos vamos alejando más y más de Dios.


ALBERT EINSTEIN (1879-1955) – German-born Theoretical Physicist

“Giving an example is not the main way to influence others, it is the only way.”

He was correct in saying that. People may listen to what one says, but they actually do what they see one do. Actions speak a lot louder than words.

ALBERT EINSTEIN (1879-1955) – Científico Judío Alemán

“Dar el ejemplo no es la única manera de influir sobre los demás, es la única manera.”

Tenia toda la razón cuando dijo eso. La gente puede escuchar lo que uno dice, pero hace lo que uno hace. Las acciones hablan mucho más fuerte que las palabras.

ARISTOTLE (384 BC – 322 BC) – Classical Greek Philosopher

“The wise man never says everything he thinks, but he always thinks everything he says.”

We should always think before we talk or act, but we should not always say everything we think. That is the wisest way to act because all of us have bad, harming, and unproductive thoughts that can get us in trouble.

ARISTÓTELES (384 AC – 322 AC) – Filósofo Clásico Griego

“El sabio no dice nunca todo lo que piensa, pero siempre piensa todo lo que dice.”

Siempre debemos pensar bien antes de hablar o actuar, y no debemos decir siempre lo que pensamos. Esa es la manera más sabia de actuar, porque todos tenemos pensamientos malos, dañinos que no son productivos. Esos pensamientos pudieran causarnos problemas.

ARTHUR SCHNITZLER (1862-1931) – Austrian Author and Dramatist
“To be prepared is important, to know how to wait for it is yet more, but to take advantage of the proper moment is the key to life.”
If we do not take advantage of an excellent opportunity when it arises, we may never see it again. That could be the difference between success and failure in our life.

ARTHUR SCHNITZLER (1862-1931) – Autor y Dramaturgo Austriaco
“Estar preparado es importante, saber esperarlo es aún más, pero aprovechar el momento adecuado es la clave de la vida.”
Si no aprovechamos una excelente oportunidad cuando se nos presenta, es posible que jamás volvamos a tenerla. Eso puede ser la diferencia entre nuestro éxito o fracaso

GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ (1927-2014 – Colombian Novelist

“I have learned that a man only has the right to look down at another man when he has to help him get up.”
We should not look down on people because of their job, car, house, religion, sex, age, race, nationality, educational level, financial status, physical appearance, political affiliation, or for any other reason. God looks at the heart (1 Samuel 16:7) of people and we should do the same.
GABRIEL GARCÍA MÁRQUEZ (1927-2014) – Escritor Colombiano
“He aprendido que un hombre sólo tiene derecho a mirar a otro hacia abajo cuando ha de ayudarle a levantarse.”
No debemos mirar hacia abajo a las personas por su trabajo, coche, casa, religión, sexo, edad, raza, nacionalidad, nivel de educación, estado financiero, apariencia física, afiliación política, ni por ninguna otra razón. Dios ve el corazón (1 Samuel 16:7) de la persona, y nosotros debemos hacer lo mismo.

MARY LOU COOK (1908-1944) – American Actress, Singer and Dancer

“Seek not outside yourself, heaven is within.”

She was correct, because the Holy Spirit lives in us if we are born-again Christian people. Many people look everywhere for God, except within themselves.

MARY LOU COOK (1908-1944) – Actriz, Cantante y Bailarina Norteamericana

“No busques fuera de ti, el cielo está en ti.”

Tenía razón porque el Espíritu Santo vive en las personas quienes han recibido a Jesucristo como su Señor y Salvador. Mucha gente busca a Dios por dondequiera, menos en su propia vida.

ALBERT CAMUS (1913-1960) – French Philosopher, Author and Journalist

Albert Camus said: “La vie est la somme de tous vos choix,” which of course means, “Life is the sum of all your choices.” It simply means that the choices we make today are the ones that dictate how our future will be. We have to be careful with the decisions we make, as all of them have consequences – those consequences may be positive or negative.

ALBERT CAMUS (1913-1960) – Filósofo, Autor y Periodista Francés

Albert Camus dijo: “La vie est la Somme de tous vos choix,” lo que significa, “La vida es la suma de todas sus elecciones.” Simplemente significa que las elecciones que hacemos hoy son las que deciden nuestro futuro. Tenemos que tener mucho cuidado con las decisiones que hacemos, porque todas ellas tienen consecuencias – ya sean positivas o negativas

ANAXAGORAS (500 B.C. – 428 B.C.) – Pre-Socratic Greek Philosopher.

“If you deceive me once, it is your fault; if you deceive me twice, it’s mine.”

He hit the nail right on the head. We should learn from our mistakes and not keep on making the same mistake over and over.

ANAXÁGORAS (500 A.C. – 428 A.C.) – Filósofo Griego

“Si me engañas una vez, tuya es la culpa; si me engañas dos, es mía.”

Le dio al clavo en la pura cabeza. Debemos aprender de nuestros errores y no volver a cometer el mismo error.

CONCEPCION ARENAL (1820-1893) – Spanish Writer and Activist
“Love is to the child as the sun is to the flowers; bread is not enough: he needs to be caressed, so he can be good and strong.”
She is correct! A child needs attention, love, caresses and assurance, so he can grow up to be a well-rounded person. Unfortunately many children do not receive that from their parents or adults who are around them.

CONCEPCIÓN ARENAL (1820-1893) – Escritora y Activista Española
“El amor es para el niño como el sol para las flores; no le basta pan: necesita caricias para ser bueno y fuerte.”
¡Tiene toda la razón! El niño necesita recibir atención, amor, caricias y seguridad para que pueda crecer a ser una persona bien equilibrada. Desafortunadamente muchos niños no reciben eso de sus padres ni de las personas quienes los rodean.

C.S. LEWIS (1898-1963) – British Writer and Theologian

“The Christian does not think God will love us because we are good, but that God will make us good because He loves us.”

We are not righteous because of our own efforts, but rather because God is righteous and He bestows that righteousness on us. By the same token, we do not receive salvation because of our goodness, holiness or righteousness, but rather because of God’s grace to us.

C.S. LEWIS (1898-1963) – Escritor y Teólogo Británico

“El cristiano no piensa que Dios nos amará, porque somos buenos, sino que Dios nos hará buenos porque nos ama.”

No somos justos o buenos por nuestros propios esfuerzos, sino porque Dios es justo, bueno, y él nos bendice con su justicia y amor. Igualmente, no recibimos la salvación porque la merezcamos, sino que la recibimos por la bondad, el amor, la dignidad, la santidad y la gracia de Dios.

SUNDAY ADELAJA (1967 – Present) – Christian Pastor in Kiev, Ukraine

“The misconception that foreigners are impoverished and under privileged give rise to arrogance and feeling of superiority.”

Unfortunately, many Americans are totally ignorant of how other people are in other countries and how they actually live. To speak a foreign language in public in our country is frowned upon by many people, while in Europe many people speak several languages and are proud of it. We definitely need to correct our misconceptions about foreign people.


SUNDAY ADELAJA (1967 – Presente) – Pastor Cristiano en Kiev, Ucrania.

“El concepto equivocado que los extranjeros son empobrecidos y están muy necesitados le da permiso a la arrogancia y a un sentido de superioridad.”

Desafortunadamente muchos norteamericanos ignoran totalmente cómo viven las personas en otros países y cómo son. Hablar una lengua extranjera en nuestro país no es bien visto, mientras que en Europa muchas personas orgullosamente hablan tres, cuatro o cinco lenguas. Definitivamente tenemos que remediar ese concepto erróneo que tenemos sobre los extranjeros.

TONY EVANS – American Pastor y Autor

“God will meet you where you are in order to take you where He wants you to go.”

Many people think they have to clean themselves and make big changes before they can come to God. That is not true. God will meet you where you are, and then He will help you change to make you the person He wants you to be.

TONY EVANS – Pastor Estadounidense y Autor

“Dios te encuentra donde estás para llevarte adonde él quiere que vayas.”

Muchas personas piensan que tienen que limpiarse y cambiar antes de venir a Dios. Eso no es verdad. Dios te encontrará donde estés, y luego él te ayudará a cambiar para que seas la persona que él desea que seas.

ALISTAIR BEGG (1952-Present) – American Pastor, Born in Glasgow, Scotland

“There is no one who is insignificant in the purpose of God.”
God has a purpose for each and every one of us. We are important to Him, and we should help Him accomplish His mission. His mission is that every person should come to repentance and accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. The apostle Peter explains it this way in 2 Peter 3:9 – “ The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward]us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” Do not belittle yourself because you are very important to God.

ALISTAIR BEGG (1952 – Presente – Pastor Estadounidense, Nacido en Glasgow, Escocia
“No hay nadie quien sea insignificante en el propósito de Dios.”
Dios tiene un propósito para cada uno de nosotros. Somos importantes para él, y debemos ayudarle a cumplir su misión. Su misión es que cada uno se arrepienta y acepte a Jesucristo como su Señor y Salvador. El apóstol Pedro lo explica así en 2 Pedro 3:9 – “El Señor no retarda su promesa, según algunos la tienen por tardanza, sino que es paciente para con nosotros, no queriendo que ninguno perezca, sino que todos procedan al arrepentimiento.” No te menosprecies eres muy importante para Dios.


“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”
In other words, an educated person should be able to look at different philosophies, religions, dogmas, fads and ideas without accepting them if they do not meet a sound criteria already established.


“Es la marca de una mente educada de poder entretener un pensamiento sin aceptarlo.”
En otras palabras, una persona educada debe poder mirar, escuchar, y pensar en diferentes filosofías, religiones, dogmas, e ideas sin aceptarlas si no cumplen con un sano criterio ya establecido.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
When one has a vivid imagination, one seeks the needed knowledge to accomplish what one has imagined. Most, if not all, inventions come from a vivid imagination. Dreams, before becoming realities, are products of the imagination. If you cannot imagine your dreams becoming realities they never will.


“La imaginación es más importante que el conocimiento. El conocimiento está limitado. La imaginación rodea todo el mundo.”
Si uno tiene una imaginación viva, uno busca el conocimiento necesario para lograr lo que uno ha imaginado. La mayoría, o tal vez todas, las invenciones vienen de una imaginación viva. Los sueños, antes de hacerse realidades, son productos de la imaginación. Si no puedes imaginar que tus sueños se conviertan en realidades jamás se realizarán.


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”
Although this is extremely important, it is not the beginning of wisdom. The Bible tells us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom – Proverb 9:10 and 1:7, Psalm 111:10. Knowing God, and knowing who we are in Him that is the best wisdom we can have.


“El conocerse a uno mismo es el comienzo de la sabiduría.”
Aunque esa declaración es de suma importancia, no es el comienzo de la sabiduría. La biblia nos dice que el temor de Dios es el comienzo de la sabiduría – Proverbios 9:10 y 1:7, también el Salmo 111:10. El conocer a Dios, y saber quiénes somos en él, esa es la verdadera sabiduría.


“The first step of success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.”
Unfortunately many people stay trapped in their original environment. Then they blame the environment for their lack of success. We should rise above our environment and our circumstances if we want to succeed. Success belongs to those of us who have a vision, seek it, prepare for it, and work hard to achieve it.


“El primer paso hacia el éxito se toma cuando uno se niega a ser cautivo del ambiente en el cual uno se encuentra inicialmente.”
Desafortunadamente mucha gente se queda atrapada en su ambiente original. Luego culpan al ambiente por su falta de no tener éxito. Debemos exaltarnos sobre el ambiente y las circunstancias si queremos tener éxito. El éxito nos pertenece a los que tenemos visión, la buscamos, nos preparamos, y trabajamos duro para cumplirla.

MARK ZUCKERBERG (1984-Present) – American Technology Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk…In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”
If a person wants to succeed, he has to embrace change, and cannot be afraid of taking risks. If you want to fail, do not accept change, and do not take any risks.

MARK ZUCKERBERG (1984-Presente) – Empresario en Tecnología y Filántropo Americano

“El mayor riesgo es no tomar ningún riesgo…En un mundo que va cambiando rápidamente, la única estrategia garantizada a fracasar es no tomar riesgos.”
Si una persona quiere tener éxito, tiene que abrazar el cambio, y no puede temer tomar riesgos. Si quieres fracasar, no aceptes cambios, y no tomes riesgos

OSCAR WILDE (1854-1900) – Irish Poet and Playwright

“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.”

This life is a learning process, and the best way to learn is when we go through trials and tribulations. There is no better school than the school of hard knocks. Bitter struggles make us stronger, wiser and more practical.

OSCAR WILDE (1854-1900) – Poeta y Dramaturgo Irlandés

“Lo que nos parece ser pruebas amargas frecuentemente son bendiciones disfrazadas.”

Esta vida es un proceso de aprendizaje, y la mejor manera de aprender es cuando pasamos por pruebas y tribulaciones. No hay mejor escuela que las experiencias duras de la vida, porque nos hacen más fuertes, sabios y prácticos.

CHARLES DARWIN (1809-1882) – English Naturalist, Geologist and Biologist

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”
Of course, he was referring to evolution. I don’t believe in evolution because I believe in creation. However if we apply his statement to human beings, it is true. The people who are most responsive to change will succeed, and the ones who are not will encounter difficulties along the road of life.

CHARLES DARWIN (1809-1882) – Naturalista, Geólogo y Biólogo Inglés

“No son los más fuertes de las especies los que sobreviven, ni los más inteligentes, sino los respondientes al cambio.”
Desde luego que él se refería a la evolución. Yo no creo en la evolución, sino en la creación. Sin embargo, si le aplicamos su declaración a la humanidad es verdadera. Las personas quienes son más respondientes al cambio llegan al éxito, mientras que las que no lo son encuentran dificultades en los caminos de la vida.

LEONARD COHEN (1934-2016) – Canadian Poet, Song Writer, Singer and Novelist

“Love has no cure, but it is the only medicine for all ills.”

A life without love is a worthless one. All of us need to love and to be loved. The Bible tells us that love covers a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8).

LEONARD COHEN (1934-2016) – Poeta, Compositor, Cantante y Novelista Canadiense

“El amor no tiene cura, pero es la única medicina para todos los males.”

Una vida sin amor no vale nada. Todos necesitamos amar y ser amados. La biblia nos dice que el amor cubre una multitud de pecados (1 Pedro 4:8


COCO CHANEL (1883-1971) – French Fashion Designer and Business Woman.

Coco Chanel said: “Combien de soucis on perd quand on décide de ne pas être quelque chose mais d’être quelqu’un,” which of course means, “ How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone.”

Everyone is trying to be something, but it is much better just to be someone, and for that someone to be ourselves. Just try to be you, not something, and definitely not someone else.

coco chanel (1883-1971) – Diseñadora Francesa y Mujer Negociante.

Coco Chanel dijo: “Combien de soucis on perd quand on décide de ne pas être quelque chose mais d’être quelqu’un,” que desde luego significa, “¡De cuántas preocupaciones nos desprendemos cuando decidimos dejar de ser algo para ser alguien!”

Todos tratamos de ser algo, pero es mucho mejor simplemente de ser alguien, y que ese alguien sea uno mismo. Trata de ser tú, no algo, y definitivamente no otra persona.

HELEN KELLER (1880-1968) – American Author, Political Activist and Lecturer

“When one door closes, another opens. But we often look so regretfully upon the closed door that we don’t see the one that has opened for us.”

We focus so much on the past and on situations that have come to their conclusion that we fail to see the opportunities staring us in the face.

HELEN KELLER (1880-1968) – Autora, Activista Política y Lectora Estadounidense

“Cuando una puerta se cierra, otra se abre. Pero solemos quedarnos mirando a la puerta cerrada por tanto tiempo, que no vemos a la otra que se nos ha abierto.”

Nos enfocamos tanto en el pasado, y en situaciones que ya han llegado a su conclusión que no vemos las oportunidades en frente de nosotros.

FRIDA KAHLO (1907-1954) – Mexican Artist

“Feet, what do I want them for if I have wings to fly.”

In other words, she was confident in her abilities to succeed. We too should have confidence in ourselves and in our God. We faith, confidence, abilities, and perseverance everything is possible for us. The Bible tells us in Mark 9:3 that everything is possible for us if we believe. The question for you is…Do you really believe in yourself?

FRIDA KAHLO (1907-1954) – Artista Mexicana

“Pies, para qué los quiero si tengo alas para volar.”

En otras palabras, ella tenía confianza en su habilidad de sobresalir. Nosotros también debemos de tener esa confianza y seguridad en nosotros mismos y en Dios. Con fe, confianza, habilidad, y perseverancia todo es posible. En Marcos 9:23, la biblia nos dice que todo es posible para nosotros si podemos creer. La pregunta para ti es…¿En realidad, crees en ti mismo?

ALLAN BLOOM (1930-1992) – American Philosopher

“Education is the movement from darkness to light.”

A person who has no education is living in the dark. He or she needs a quality education to learn many, many things that are extremely useful for him or for her to succeed in this society and to reach his or her God-given potential. Learning should be a never-ending experience for every single one of us.

ALLAN BLOOM (1930-1992) – Filósofo Estadounidense

“La educación es el movimiento de la oscuridad a la luz.”

La persona sin educación vive en la oscuridad. La educación es muy necesaria para aprender muchas cosas que se necesitan no solamente para vivir, sino que también para tener éxito en esta vida. Una persona no puede lograr su potencial sin la educación necesaria. El aprendizaje debe ser un proceso continuo en nuestras vidas.

FRIEDRICH HEGEL (1770-18310 – German Philosopher

“Being independent from public opinion is the first formal condition to achieve something great.”

If we have a great idea or an invention, we cannot worry as to what other people may think or say. By the same token, if we have a special given talent in any given area we should develop it without worrying as to what other people may or may not think. For a variety of reasons people may try to dissuade us from fulfilling and achieving our true potential.

FRIEDRICH HEGEL (1770-1831) – filósofo Alemán

“Ser independiente de la opinión pública es la primera condición formal para lograr algo grande.”

Si tenemos una idea o invención excelente no podemos mortificarnos por lo que piensen o no piensen otras personas. Igualmente, si tenemos un talento especial en cualquier área, debemos desarrollarlo sin preocuparnos de lo que piensen o no piensen los demás. Por una variedad de razones otras personas pueden tratar de desanimarnos de lograr nuestro verdadero potencial.

MICHELANGELO (1475-1564) – Italian Sculptor, Painter, Architect and Poet

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aims too high, but on setting our aims too low, and achieving our mark.”

Most of us do not reach our full potential because for lack of vision we simply set our goals too low. We even make excuses to justify why we do not accomplish more, and that makes us feel good about ourselves.

MIGUEL ANGEL BUONARROTI (1475-1564) – Escultor, Pintor, Arquitecto y Poeta Italiano

“El mayor peligro para la mayoría de nosotros no es que nuestra meta sea demasiado alta y que no la alcancemos, sino que sea demasiado baja y la consigamos.”

La mayoría de nosotros no logramos alcanzar nuestro verdadero potencial, porque por falta de visión fijamos nuestra meta muy baja. Luego, para sentirnos bien, hacemos excusas para justificar por qué no pudimos lograr más.































A sixth-grade boy got a “0” on his test, and his mother was called to the school to see the teacher and the counselor. The teacher tells her: “Your son was cheating, so we gave him a “0” on his exam.” “My son does not cheat,” the mother told them. “We know he cheated, and there is no doubt about it,” the teacher told her. “What evidence do you have?” the mother asked them. The teacher tells her: “Your son had the first nine answers on the test identical to the ones the boy sitting next to him had. Then on question number 10 the other boy wrote, “I don’t know the answer,” and your son wrote, “I don’t know it either.”


Un estudiante del año sexto de primaria sacó un “cero” en un examen, y llamaron a la mamá para que viniera a hablar con el profesor y el consejero. El profesor le dice: “Su hijo hizo trampa en el examen y le di un “0.” “Mi hijo no es tramposo,” le dice la mamá. El profesor le dice, “Sabemos que hizo trampa, y no nos queda ninguna duda.” “¿Qué evidencia tienen?” les pregunta la señora. “Su hijo dio las primeras nueve respuestas idénticas al chico que estaba sentado a su lado. Luego en la pregunta numero 10, el otro chico escribió, “No sé la respuesta,” y su hijo escribió, “Yo tampoco la sé.”


Two old friends meet on the street. John asks Mike: “Mike, you look so pale. What is happening?” “I am just coming back from my doctor’s office,” Mike tells him. “What did he tell you?” asks John. “He told me I had to stop drinking, stop going out at night, and stop having sex with my wife,” Mike replies. “What are going to do?” asks John. “I am going to change doctors,” Mike informs him.
Dos viejos amigos se encuentran en la calle. Juan le pregunta a Miguel: “Miguel, te miras muy pálido. ¿Te pasa algo?” “Vengo del consultorio de mi doctor,” le dice Miguel. “¿Qué te dijo?” le pregunta su amigo. “Me dijo que tenía que dejar de tomar, dejar de salir por las noches, y dejar de hacerle el amor a mi esposa,” le contesta Miguel. “¿Qué vas a hacer?” le pregunta su amigo. “Voy a cambiar de doctor,” le afirma Miguel.


A man went to the shoe store to buy a pair of boots, and had the employee measure his feet – both of them were size 10. The man told the employee he wanted size 9. He put them on, and was having trouble walking. The employee asked him, “Why do you want to buy boots size 9 when you should be wearing size 10?” The man told him, “My mother-in-law lives with us and is always fighting with me. My wife and my son are always arguing, and my boss at the construction site is always yelling at me. The only time I will feel relief will be when I take these boots off.”


Un señor fue a la zapatería para comprar un par de botas. Le pidió al empleado que le midiera los pies – los dos eran número 42. El señor le dijo al empleado que le diera unas botas número 40. Se las puso y le quedaban muy apretadas que casi no podía caminar. El empleado le preguntó, “¿Por qué quiere llevarse las botas número 40 si usted calza número 42?” El cliente le respondió: “Mi suegra vive con nosotros y siempre está peleando conmigo. Mi esposa y mi hijo siempre están discutiendo fuertemente, y mi patrón en el sitio de construcción me grita a todo momento. El único tiempo que tendré descanso será cuando me quite estas botas.”


Three ladies, who are total strangers, are at the Laundromat. Two of them are bragging about their sons. Mary tells the other two, “My son is 25 years old, and he holds a degree in engineering, another one in law, and one in business management.” Jane responds, “My son is only twenty-one and he is the president of his company and is on the board of trustees on four other corporations.” Susan does not really know what to say, but she thinks fast, and says: “My son does not drink, smoke, nor uses drugs, and is totally obedient to my husband and me.” Surprised the other two ladies ask: “How old is he?” “He’s eight months old,” Susan tells them.


Tres señoras están en la lavandería. Dos de ellas están jactándose de sus hijos. María les dice a las otras dos, “Mi hijo tiene veinticinco años, tiene licencia de licenciado, de ingeniería y una en la administración de empresas.” Juanita le contesta, “Mi hijo solamente tiene veintiún años, y ya es presidente de su compañía, y está en la mesa directiva de cuatro corporaciones.” Susana no sabe qué decir, pero sin embargo piensa rápidamente y les dice: “Mi hijo no toma, no fuma, no usa drogas, y es totalmente obediente con mi esposo y conmigo.” Las otras dos sorprendidas le preguntan, “¿Cuántos años tiene?” “Tiene ocho meses,” les dice ella.


“Tom, a baseball pitcher, was at the hospital visiting with his best friend Larry who was dying. Tom asked, “If there is baseball in heaven will you come back and tell me?” Larry nodded yes just as he passed away. That night while Tom was sleeping, he heard Larry’s voice in a dream, “Tom…” “Larry! What is it?!” asked Tom. “I have good news and bad news from heaven.” “What’s the good news?” “There is baseball in heaven after all, but the bad news is you’re pitching on Tuesday.”


“Tomás, un lanzador de béisbol, estaba en el hospital con Lorenzo su amigo quien estaba agonizando. Tomás le dice: “Si hay béisbol en el cielo, por favor me dices.” Lorenzo movió la cabeza indicando que lo haría. Esa noche en un sueño Tomás oyó la voz de Lorenzo que le dijo: “Las buenas noticias son que sí hay béisbol aquí en el cielo, y las malas noticias son que tú vas a jugar pasado mañana.”


Many years ago in a village in Spain the pastor of a small herd of sheep became ill. As the owner of the sheep could not find anybody to take care of them he asked the town’s washer-woman to do it. The lady was with the sheep when it began to rain. Quickly she took them back to the owner’s house, and put them in the kitchen. The owner asks her: “Why have you brought the herd here?” She tells him, “It’s raining, and I don’t want their wool to shrink.”


Hace muchos años en una aldea española se enfermó el pastor de un pequeño rebaño de ovejas. Como el dueño no pudo encontrar a nadie que le cuidara las ovejas le pidió a la lavandera del pueblo que se las pastara. La señora estaba con ellas cuando comenzó a llover. Rápidamente las regresó a la casa del dueño, y las entró a la cocina. El dueño le pregunta: “¿Por qué has traído el rebaño a mi casa?” “Es que está lloviendo y se les puede encoger la lana,” le contesta la lavandera.


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A Greek proverb says: “Even from a foe a man may learn wisdom.”
We should be able to learn from all experiences. It does not matter if they are positive or negative, there is something to be learned from each one of them. From the negative ones we can learn what not to do, so we won’t repeat the same mistake again. From an enemy we can learn how he fights, and if we do that we will know how to defeat him, and also how we can be more effective in future fights.


Un proverbio griego dice: “Hasta de un adversario un hombre puede aprender sabiduría.”
Debemos aprender de todas nuestras experiencias. No importa si son positivas o negativas – hay algo que aprender de todas. De las negativas podemos aprender que no hacer, para no repetir el mismo error vez tras vez. Del adversario podemos aprender como pelea, y si hacemos eso sabremos como derrotarlo, y también como podemos ser más efectivos en futuras batallas.

An Italian proverb says: “Si dice sempre il lupo più grande che non è,” which literally means: “The wolf is made bigger than it actually is.” The real meaning, however, is, “Lying a little makes the story better.” The fake news are practicing this on an everyday basis.

Un proverbio italiano dice: “Si dice sempre il lupo più grande che non è,” lo que significa literalmente, “Se hace más grande el lobo de lo que es.” El significado verdadero es: “El mentir un poquito hace el cuento mejor.” Actualmente los noticieros falsos lo están practicando diariamente.


An Indian proverb says: “Among the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” What it means is that the one who has a little bit more, knows a little bit more, or has a little more talent, intelligence or wisdom rules. For example; among people who cannot read nor write the one who can be over them. What can you do? Learn as much about as many different things as you can, and you will have a much better chance of succeeding.


Un proverbio de la India dice: “Entre los ciegos, el tuerto es rey.” Lo que significa es que el que tiene poco más, sabe poquito más, tiene poco más talento, inteligencia, o sabiduría puede reinar a los demás. Por ejemplo; entre los que no saben leer ni escribir el que sabe leer y escribir puede gobernarlos. ¿Qué puedes hacer? Aprende todo lo que puedas sobre cosas diferentes, y tendrás mejor oportunidad de triunfar en la vida.

PROVERB 4:18-19

“The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. But the way of the wicked is like deep darkness; they do not know what makes them stumble.”
Try to be righteous, and you will not only have a better life here on earth, but you will inherit eternal life with God, and that will be much better than suffering in hell.


“Mas la senda de los justos es como la luz de la aurora, que va en aumento hasta que el día es perfecto. El camino de los impíos es como la oscuridad; No saben en qué tropiezan.”
Trata de ser justo, y no solamente te irá mejor aquí en esta vida, sino que heredarás vida eterna con Dios, y eso será mucho mejor que pasar la eternidad en el infierno.


A Japanese proverb says, “Anzuru yori umu ga yasushi,” which means, “Giving birth to a baby is easier than worrying about it.” The real meaning is that in many cases fear is greater than the danger. In other words, we sorry about something and many times it does not even happen, and if it does happen it is not as bad as we thought it would be.


Un proverbio japonés dice, “Anzuru yori umu ga yasushi,” lo que significa, “Darle luz a un bebé es más fácil que mortificarse por el echo.” El verdadero significado es que el temor es más grande que el peligro. En otras palabras, a veces nos preocupamos por algo, y si siquiera sucede, y si sucede no es tan malo como lo pensábamos.


An Indonesian proverb says: “Anak beruk di rimba disusukan, anak orang dittinggalkan,” which means, “The young ape in the jungle is given milk, but the children are not.” The real meaning is that a man takes care of other people, but does not take care of his own family. Let’s bring it closer to home…The United States is helping many other countries, but we are neglecting our own people.


Un proverbio indonesio dice: “Anak beruk di rimba disusukan, anak orang dittinggalkan,” lo que significa, “Al mono joven en la selva se le da leche, pero a los niños no.” El significado es que algunos hombres les proveen a otras personas, y no a su familia. Hagámoslo más personal… Los Estados Unidos de América les ayuda a muchas naciones, pero no tanto a su propia gente.


During the days of “The Roman Empire” Rome was the most important city. That is why in Latin they used to say, “Mille viae ducunt hominess per saecula Roman,” which means, “A thousand roads always lead people to Rome.” In English it became: “All roads lead to Rome.” As a Christian I cannot say, “All religions lead to heaven.” That is not true. No religion leads to heaven. The only way to get to heaven, to have eternal life, and to spend eternity with God is by receiving Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Have you done that yet?


Durante los días del Imperio Romano Roma era una ciudad muy importante. Por eso en latín decían, “Mille viae ducunt homines per saecula Roman,” lo que significa, “Mil caminos siempre llevan a la gente a Roma.” En español comenzaron a decir, “Todos los caminos nos llevan a Roma.” El cristiano no puede decir, “Todas las religiones nos llevan al cielo.” Ninguna religión lleva a nadie al cielo mucho menos darnos salvación. Jesucristo es el único camino al cielo, a la vida eterna, y a la salvación. No existe otra manera para pasar la vida eterna con Dios. ¿Ya has aceptado a Jesucristo como tu Señor y Salvador?


An Iranian proverb says: “The arrow that has left the bow never returns.”
It tells us to think before we act. A word that is written or spoken can never be taken back. Every word we speak and everything we do has consequences. They can be positive or negative. If we truly do not want to hurt anybody, then we have watch what we say and what we do.


Un proverbio iraní dice: “La flecha que deja el arco jamás retorna.”
Nos dice que pensemos antes de actuar. Una palabra que se dice o se escribe no se puede retractar. Cada palabra que hablamos y cada acción que tomamos puede tener consecuencias. Estas pueden ser positivas o negativas. Si no deseamos lastimar a nadie, tenemos que poner mucho cuidado a lo que decimos y a lo que hacemos


A Pakistani proverb says: “Don’t look down on people unless you are helping them up.”
If we were to do that, that would put an end to racial discrimination, false pride, and feelings of superiority. In God’s eyes we are all the same. He wants salvation and the very best for each one of us. Are you looking down at people, criticizing them or discriminating against them? If you are, it’s time to change.


Un refrán pakistaní dice: “No menosprecies a la gente a menos que les estés ayudando a levantarse.”
Si hiciéramos eso, eso terminaría con el prejuicio racial, el orgullo falso, y el sentirse superior a cualquiera. En los ojos de Dios todos somos iguales. Él desea que seamos salvos, y lo mejor para cada uno de nosotros. ¿Menosprecias a la gente, la criticas, o discriminas contra algunos? Si lo estás haciendo, es tiempo que cambies.


An Egyptian proverb says: “For every joy there is a price to be paid.”
This proverb is actually self-explanatory. For every success there is a lot of hardship, work and planning that goes beforehand. There is no such a thing as “an overnight success.” That person has worked hard to get to the top.


Un proverbio egipcio dice: “Por cada regocijo hay que pagar el precio.”
Este proverbio se explica por sí mismo. Para tener éxito la persona tiene que pasar por mucho trabajo, tiempos difíciles, mucha preparación, y buena planificación. El mundo ve los resultados, pero no ve por cuantos tiempos difíciles la persona ha pasado


A Greek proverb states: “How you make your bed that is how you will sleep.”
It has nothing to do with sleeping, but a lot as to how you prepare for life. There is no real substitute for good preparation. Your final results in any give situation depend on how well you have or have not prepared.


Un proverbio griego declara: “Como haces tu cama así dormirás.”
No tiene nada que ver con el dormir, pero sí tiene mucho que ver con cómo te has preparado para vivir tu vida. No hay ningún substituto por la buena preparación. Tus resultados en cualquier situación dependen de que tan bien o que tan mal te has preparado.



A Finnish proverb says: “A wife who cannot cook puts the blame on the pot.”
A similar proverb in Spanish says: “Cuando el arriero es malo, le echa la culpa a las mulas,” which means: “When the muleteer is bad, he blames the mules.” People are always looking for a scapegoat, so they can put the blame on that person, animal or object. They do not want to accept the responsibility for their failures.


Un proverbio finlandés dice: “La esposa que no puede cocinar le pone la culpabilidad a la olla.”
En español tenemos un refrán muy parecido que dice: “Cuando el arriero es malo, le echa la culpa a las mulas.” La gente siempre busca un chivo expiatorio para culpar a esa persona, animal u objeto de sus propias faltas. No quiere aceptar responsabilidad por sus fracasos


A Korean proverb says: “Go-saeng kkeut-e nag-I on-da,” which means, “At the end of hardship comes happiness.” This is an encouragement to people who are going through difficult times. Regardless of what is going on, we need to persevere.


Un refrán coreano dice: “Go-saeng kkeut-e nag-i ib-dam” que significa, “Al final de las dificultades viene la felicidad.” Es palabra de aliento para las personas quienes están pasando por tiempos de dificultad. Sin importar por las que estemos pasando, debemos perseverar.


A Spanish proverb says, “Of all the pains, the greatest pain, is to love, but to love in vain.”
One should love as much as possible, but one has to be careful who to love. Loving the wrong person can bring tremendous consequences. As much as Jesus Christ loved, He did not love the Pharisees – the religious leaders of His time.


Un proverbio en español dice, “De todos los dolores, el dolor más grande, es amar, pero amar en vano.” Uno debe amar todo lo que sea posible, pero uno tiene que tener mucho cuidado a quien amar. Amar a la persona equivocada puede traernos serias consecuencias. Jesucristo amó muchísimo, pero él no amaba a los fariseos – los líderes religiosos de esos tiempos.



A Russian proverb says: “A chatterbox is a treasure for a spy,” which means that loose lips sink big ships. In other words, people who talk too much can get themselves, their family, business or even country in trouble. They give away secrets that should not be given away.


Un proverbio ruso dice: “Una persona parladora es un tesoro para el espía,” lo que significa es que un parlador hunde barcos grandes. En otras palabras, la gente que habla demasiado puede meterse en problemas o meter en problemas a la familia, negocio, y hasta a su país. Divulgan secretos que no deben divulgar.


An Indonesian proverb says: “Alah bias karena biasa,” which means, “One gains immunity against poison when exposed to it regularly.” The real meaning is that pain or hardships become more ordinary the more we experience them. That, of course, is 100 percent true. Not only does it happen with pain, but also with people’s suffering, violence, corruption, deception, and so on. We have become a calloused society.


Un refrán indonesio dice: “Alah bias karena biasa,” lo que significa, “Uno gana inmunidad contra el veneno cuando uno se expone a el regularmente.” El verdadero significado es que el dolor y los tiempos difíciles se hacen más ordinarios entre más los experimentemos. Eso, desde luego, es 100 por ciento verídico. No solamente sucede con el dolor, sino también con el sufrimiento de otras personas, la violencia, la corrupción, las decepciones, y otros problemas. Nos hemos convertido en una sociedad fría y endurecida.


A Spanish proverb says: “A quien madruga Dios le ayuda,” which means, “God helps those who rise early.” It is the equivalent of, “The early bird catches the worm,” or “God helps those who help themselves.” There is a lot of truth to that. Many people expect to get ahead without lifting a finger. That is not reality!


Un proverbio hispano dice: “A quien madruga Dios le ayuda.” Es semejante a otro dicho que dice, “Ayúdate que yo (Dios) te ayudaré.” Desafortunadamente mucha gente quiere salir adelante sin poner nada de esfuerzo. Normalmente eso no es posible, y no es la realidad.


A Pakistani proverb says: “Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is a little like expecting the bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian.”

The world is not fair or just to some people. We cannot expect fair or just treatment from everyone. People are people, and some of them are mean, twisted and crooked. In Matthew 5:45, the Bible tells us that God sends rain on the just and the unjust . In John 16:33, Jesus Himself tells us that in this world we will have trouble. God did not promised us a rose garden.


Un proverbio pakistaní dice así: “Esperar que el mundo te trate favorable porque eres una buena persona es poco como esperar que el toro no te ataque porque eres vegetariano.”

El mundo no es favorable ni justo para algunas personas. No podemos esperar tratamiento justo o favorable de todos. La gente es gente y algunos son malos, corruptos y están torcidos. En Mateo 5:45, la biblia nos dice que Dios les manda lluvia a los justos y a los injustos. En Juan 16:33, Jesucristo mismo nos dice que en este mundo tendremos problemas. Dios jamás nos prometió un jardín de rosas.


A Mexican proverb says: “Estoy entre la espada y la pared,” which means, “I am between the sword and the wall.” In English we have one that conveys the same meaning, It says: “I am between a rock and a hard place.” The meaning of both of them is the same. They say that I am in a very difficult situation, and that no matter which way I turn it is just as bad. Are you between a rock and a hard place, or between the sword and the wall? If you are, it is time to turn to Jesus. He can help you.


Un refrán estadounidense dice: “I am between a rock and a hard place,” que significa que uno se encuentra en una situación muy difícil. En español tenemos uno que dice: “Estoy entre la espada y la pared.” Ambos refranes significan más o menos lo mismo, y eso es que nos encontramos en una situación extremadamente difícil, y no sabemos para cual lado voltear. ¿Te encuentras entre la espada y la pared? Si lo estás, acércate a Dios. Él puede ayudarte


A Russian proverb says: “In another person’s eye one can see a mote, but in one’s own – one cannot see a log.” In Luke 6:41, Jesus states it this way: “And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not perceive the plank in your own eye?” In John 8:7, when the religious leaders were condemning the lady who had been caught in the very act of adultery, Jesus said to them: “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.” This Russian proverb, and what Jesus said need no explanation.


Un proverbio ruso dice: “En el ojo de otra persona uno puede ver una mota, pero en su propio ojo – uno no puede ver un leño.” En Lucas 6:41, Jesucristo lo dice así: “ ¿Por qué miras la paja que está en el ojo de tu hermano, y no echas de ver la viga que está en tu propio ojo?” En Juan 8:7, cuando los líderes religiosos acusaban a la mujer quien había sido tomada en el mero hecho de adulterio, Jesús les dijo: “El que de ustedes esté sin pecado sea el primero en arrojar la piedra contra ella.” El proverbio ruso y lo que dijo Jesucristo no necesitan explicaciones


A proverb from India says: “There is nothing noble in being superior to some other man. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self.”

There is nothing to be gained by comparing ourselves to other people. What is important is that we set goals and objectives, that we meet them, and that we keep on improving.


Un proverbio de la India dice: “No hay nada noble en el ser superior a otro hombre. La verdadera nobleza es en ser superior a lo que eras previamente.”

No se gana nada al compararnos con otras personas. Lo importante es que nos pongamos metas y objetivos, que los cumplamos, y que continuemos mejorándonos



A Pakistani proverb says: “Pride is concerned with who is right. Humility is concerned with what is right.” There is a lot of difference between pride and humility. The Pakistani saying makes a lot of sense. We should be concerned a lot more with what is right than with who is right.


Un refrán paquistaní dice: “El orgullo se preocupa de quien tiene la razón. La humildad se preocupa de que es lo correcto.” Hay mucha diferencia entre el orgullo y la humildad. El refrán paquistaní hace mucho sentido. Debemos preocuparnos mucho más de lo que es correcto, y no de quien tiene la razón.


A Finnish proverb says: “A youth who does not work hard, will be begging when he is old.”
This is a very wise proverb. It is telling the youth to prepare by studying for a career, learning a skill, and working hard to prepare for a good future. People who do not do that suffer the consequences later on in life.


Un proverbio finlandés dice: “Un joven quien no trabaja duro, estará pidiendo limosna cuando sea viejo.”
Hay mucha sabiduría en este proverbio. Le dice a la juventud que se prepare y estudie una carrera, que aprenda un oficio, y que se prepare para el futuro. La gente que no lo hace sufre las consecuencias.


There is a Thai proverb that says: “Light dispels darkness. Wisdom dispels ignorance.”

We should amplify that by saying, “Wisdom, knowledge and experience dispel ignorance.” That is because ignorance is the lack of knowledge, experience and wisdom. All three of them working together can be very powerful.


Existe un proverbio tailandés que dice: “La luz dispersa la oscuridad. La sabiduría dispersa la ignorancia.”

Debemos agregarle dos cosas más y decir, “La sabiduría, el conocimiento, y la experiencia dispersan la ignorancia.” La razón es que la ignorancia es falta de conocimiento, experiencia, y sabiduría. Cuando se unen esas tres puede ser poderosas.

A woman laying in a casket with her eyes wide open.


A Greek proverb says: “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” Basically what it means is that a society flourishes when its people unselfishly plan and prepare for the future. Are you doing that for your children, grandchildren and for your descendants?


Un proverbio griego dice: “Una sociedad crece grandiosamente cuando sus hombres ancianos plantan árboles cuya sombra ellos saben que jamás se sentarán bajo de ella.” Básicamente lo que significa es que una sociedad florece cuando su gente desinteresadamente planifica y prepara lo necesario para el futuro. ¿Estás haciendo eso para tus hijos, nietos, y para tu descendencia?



A Canadian proverb says: “Patience is a tree whose root is bitter, but its fruit is very sweet.”

It is extremely difficult to wait patiently for something we have been praying and waiting for a long time, but when the prayer is answered it is a time of happiness because it is very rewarding.


Un proverbio canadiense dice: “La paciencia es un árbol cuya raíz es amarga, pero su fruta es muy dulce.” Es extremadamente difícil esperar pacientemente por algo que hemos estado orando y esperando un largo tiempo, pero cuando la oración se cumple favorablemente es un tiempo de regocijo por ser muy satisfactorio


A Korean proverb says: “A dragon rises from a small stream.”

It normally means that a person coming from humble beginnings can prosper. However it can also mean that a leader coming from a small country can cause a lot of trouble. Examples of that would be: Fidel Castro, Nicolas Maduro and Kim Jong-Un.


Un proverbio coreano dice: “Un dragón asciende de un arroyuelo.”

Normalmente significa que una persona quien viene de una familia humilde prospera. Sin embargo también puede significar que un líder de un país insignificante puede causar muchos problemas. Ejemplos: Fidel Castro, Nicolás Maduro, y Kim Jong-Un.


An Arabian proverb says: “Don’t open your lips if you are not sure that what you are going to say is more beautiful than the silence.” Along the same lines, Beethoven said: “Never break the silence if it is not to make it better.” In other words, don’t speak for the sake of speaking.

When you say something, make sure it is meaningful.


Un proverbio árabe dice: “No abras los labios si no estás seguro de que lo que vas a decir es más hermoso que el silencio.” Beethoven dijo algo parecido: “Nunca rompas el silencio si no es para mejorarlo.” En otras palabras, no hables por hablar. Cuando vayas a decir algo, asegúrate que tenga sentido.


A South Korean proverb says: “Aim high in your career, but stay humble in your heart.”
It means to work hard and have high expectations, but to remain humble in our attitude. This is excellent advice for all of us. Money, possessions and power should make us humble instead of arrogant. Arrogance comes from Satan, while humility comes from Jesus Christ.


Un refrán de Corea del Sur dice: “Aspira alto en tu carrera, pero debes mantenerte humilde de corazón.”
Nos dice que trabajemos duro con aspiraciones altas, pero que tengamos una actitud de humildad. Es un consejo excelente para nosotros. La acumulación de dinero, las posesiones y el poder que tengamos deberían hacernos humildes y no arrogantes. La arrogancia viene del diablo, mientras que la humildad viene de Jesucristo


A Finnish proverb says: “Don’t look for lice if you are not itching.”
It is excellent advice. In other words, don’t look for trouble or problems if they do not concern you. Let sleeping dogs lie. That includes not poking your nose into somebody else’s business.


Un refrán de Finlandia dice, “No busques piojos si no tienes rasquiña.”
Es un consejo excelente. En otras palabras, no busques problemas ni pleitos si no te conciernen. Un dicho mexicano dice, “No le busques ruido al chicharrón.” No te metas en los problemas de otras personas.


A Chinese proverb says: “To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.”

It is very wise advice. It means to ask those who have more experience than you. It is always a good idea to consult with others who may be experts in the field, or who have gone through that experience before. That way you may avoid making serious mistakes.


Un dicho chino dice: “Para conocer el camino que tienes por delante, pregúntales a los que vienen de regreso.”

Es un excelente consejo. El significado es que les preguntes a los que tienen más experiencia que tú. Siempre es buena idea consultar a los expertos en ese ramo, o a los que ya han pasado por esa misma experiencia. Así puedes evitar hacer errores serios.


Horizontal image of a couple pointing a finger on each other


An Albanian proverb says: “When you have given nothing, ask for nothing.”

The American Democrats and the people in the caravans who are trying to enter our country illegally do not understand this proverb. Any person who expects to receive something for nothing lives in a dream world that does not really exist. President Kennedy was correct when he said: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”


Un proverbio de Albania dice: “Cuando no has dado nada, no pidas nada.”

Los demócratas estadounidenses y la gente de las caravanas centroamericanas quienes tratan de entrar ilegalmente a nuestro país no entienden ese proverbio. Cualquier persona que quiere recibir algo sin dar nada vive en un mundo irreal que no existe. El Presidente John F. Kennedy tenía toda la razón cuando dijo: “No preguntes que puede hacer el país por ti – pregunta que puedes hacer tú por tu país.”


A Spanish proverb says, “Ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente,” which means, “Eyes that do not see, the heart does not feel.” We have a similar saying in English…”What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” What both of those proverbs mean is that sometimes it is better not to know something. Once we know something it could affect us in a negative way.


Un refrán nuestro dice, “Ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente.” Lo que, en realidad, significa es que muchas veces es mejor no saber algo. La razón es que algunas realidades pueden impactarnos de una manera negativa, pero si no las sabemos no nos afectan


A Spanish proverb says, “La memoria es como el mal amigo; cuando más falta te hace, te falla,” which means, “Memory is like a bad friend; when you need it the most, it fails you.”

That, of course, happens to many of us. The older we get the more our memory fails us.


Un refrán nos dice, “La memoria es como el mal amigo; cuando más falta te hace, te falla.”

Muchos hemos pasado por esa experiencia – cuando hemos necesitado la memoria nos ha fallado. Desafortunadamente así como van pasando los años vamos perdiendo la buena memoria que teníamos cuando éramos jóvenes.


A Greek proverb says, “How you make your bed is how you are going to sleep.”
If you make your bed well you are going to sleep well, but if you do not make it well, you are not going to sleep well. Of course, this proverb can refer to life itself. If you get a good education, learn a skill well, choose a good profession or career, life will be better for you than if you had not done that.


Un proverbio griego dice, “Como haces tu cama es cómo vas a dormir.”
Si haces tu cama bien, vas a dormir bien, pero si haces tu cama mal, vas a dormir mal. Desde luego que este refrán no solamente se refiere a cómo haces tu cama, sino a cómo te preparas para la vida. Si recibes una buena educación, aprendes un oficio bien, escoges una buena carrera o profesión, la vida va a ser mejor para ti que si no te hubieras preparado.


There is a Portuguese proverb that says, “Só há uma felicidade na vida, amar e ser amado,” which means, “There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved.”

Truer words have not been spoken. We have been created by our Creator to love ourselves, love others and love God (Matthew 22:37-40).


Un refrán portugués dice, “Só há uma felicidade na vida, amar e ser amado,” lo que significa, “Solamente hay una felicidad en la vida, amar y ser amado.”

Palabras más verídicas no se han pronunciado. Hemos sido creados por nuestro Creador para amarnos a nosotros mismos, amar al prójimo, y amar a Dios (Mateo 22:37-40).


There is a Yiddish proverb that says, “A wise man hears one word and understands two.”

It means that a wise and intelligent person can understand what somebody else is saying immediately. He or she might even see beyond the words. In Spanish we say, “A buen entendedor pocas palabras,” which actually means, “To a person who understands well, a few words will suffice.”


Un proverbio yidish dice, “Un hombre sabio oye una palabra y entiende dos.”

Significa que una persona sabia e inteligente puede entender inmediatamente lo que otra persona dice. Hasta es muy posible que entienda más por una simple palabra. En español decimos, “A buen entendedor pocas palabras.”


A Lithuanian proverb says: “A good ploughman can plough even with a goose.”

That proverb means that a person who is willing to work hard, dedicated, learns easily, and has good intelligence will make it anywhere. The opposite is that some people do not make it anywhere because either they do not have the intelligence or they are not willing to work hard.


Un proverbio lituano dice: “Un buen arador puede arar hasta con un ganso.”

Este refrán significa lo mismo que el dicho mexicano, “El que es buen gallo en cualquier gallinero canta.” En otras palabras el que se prepara, trabaja duro, se entrega a un proyecto, y tiene la suficiencia inteligencia va a prosperar en cualquier lugar del mundo. Lo opuesto también es verdad – el que no se prepara, no quiere trabajar duro o no tiene la inteligencia necesaria no la hace en ninguna parte del mundo.


A Sicilian proverb says: “Three things make a man rich: Earning and not spending, promising and not doing, buying and not selling.”
It sounds like good advice. I believe most of the politicians know this proverb well because they get paid and don’t spend their own money but the government’s, they promise and don’t deliver, and they have been known to pay one hundred dollars for a screw driver, for giving our money away to other countries, but not really doing good business in bringing money from other governments to us.


Un proverbio siciliano dice: “Tres cosan enriquecen a un hombre: Ganar y no gastar, prometer y no cumplir, comprar y no vender.”
Parece ser un buen consejo. Me parece que los políticos saben este proverbio muy bien, porque les pagan y no gastan su propio dinero sino el del gobierno, prometen y no cumplen, y han ocurrido casos donde pagan cien dólares por un destornillador, por darle nuestro dinero a otros países, pero sin hacer buenos negocios porque no nos llega dinero de otros


An Irish proverb says: “You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your father was.” What it really means is that every person has to prepare himself to make it in this world. We cannot hang to our father’s coattails. Many sons and daughters of wealthy people try to live by their parents’ accomplishments, and they wind up falling into drugs, going to jail, or being a complete failure in life. Success comes to those who know the future will get here, get ready for it, work hard, develop a plan, and persevere till the end.


Un dicho irlandés dice: “Tienes que crecer por tu propia cuenta, sin importar que tan alto haya sido tu padre.”  Lo que significa es que uno tiene que prepararse para tener éxito en este mundo. No podemos continuar dependiendo de lo que hayan hecho nuestros padres. Muchos hijos de la gente rica y famosa tratan de vivir por los logros de sus padres, y terminan hundiéndose en el mundo de las drogas, el licor, y de otros fracasos mundanos. El éxito les viene a aquellos quienes saben que el futuro va a llegar, y por eso se preparan, trabajan duro, desarrollan un plan, y perseveran hasta el fin.


A Spanish proverb says: “Mejor solo que mal acompañado,” which means, “Better alone than in bad company.”
Many young people get in serious trouble because of the company they keep. We have to be very careful as to who we let into our lives, and with who we associate. The extreme of being with the wrong person is that it can even get us killed. It has happened to many people in the past, and it will happen to many more in the future. Don’t let it be you!


Un refrán español dice: “Mejor solo que mal acompañado.” Es un consejo que todos nosotros debemos aceptar y ponerlo en práctica. Muchos jovencitos de buenas familias se meten en problemas por andar en la bola. Uno tiene que tener mucho cuidado a quien permitir entrar a su vida, y con quien asociarse. El extremo de juntarse con la gente equivocada es perder la vida. Les ha sucedido a muchas personas en el pasado, y les ocurrirá a muchas más en el futuro. !No seas uno de ellos!


A French proverb says: “Deux demi-vérités ne font pas une vérité,” which of course means: “Two half-truths do not make one truth.”
There are no such truths as a white lie or a half-truth. The truth is absolute and there are no variations of it. Anything that is not the truth is a lie or false. There is nothing in between.


Un proverbio francés dice: “Deux demi-vérités ne Font pas une vérité,” lo que significa: “Dos verdades a medias no forman una verdad.”
No hay tales cosas como verdades a medias o mentiras blancas. La verdad es absoluta y no puede variar. Cualquier declaración que no sea la verdad es falsa y es mentira. Nada más es aceptable.


A French saying states: “La vérité vaut bien qu’on passe quelques années sans la trouver, “ which of course means, “Truth is more valuable if it takes you a few years to find it.”
That is why the best truths are the ones we learn through the school of hard knocks. There is no substitute for experience. Book knowledge is not sufficient.  Jesus is the absolute truth!


Un refrán francés dice: “La vérité vaut bien qu’on passe quelques années sans la trouver,” lo que significa …”La verdad es más preciosa si te toma algunos años para encontrarla.”
Por eso mismo, las verdades que se aprenden por la escuela de la vida son las más importantes. La experiencia no puede ser substituida. El conocimiento por medio del estudio es bueno, pero no es suficiente.  Jesucristo es la verdad absoluta!


A Hungarian proverb says: “Annyit ért hozza mint tyúk az ébécéhez,” which means, “He knows as much about it as a hen knows about the alphabet.”

In other words, that person does not know anything about the subject being discussed.


Un refrán húngaro dice: “Annyit ért hozza mint tyúk az ébécéhez,” lo que significa, “Él sabe tanto de ese asunto como la gallina sabe del abecedario.”

En otras palabras, esa persona no sabe nada del tema que se está discutiendo.

Royalty-free vector illustration of an exhausted businessman carrying a heavy load on his back. He’s got sweat dripping off of his face and his knees are bent as if they’re about to buckle. Looks like the load is too much for him to bare!


“There’s a Spanish proverb that says: “Solo el que lleva el costal, sabe lo que lleva dentro,” which means, “Only the one who is carrying the sack knows what’s inside of it.”
It is very meaningful. Only the person who is going through the problem or is doing the difficult task knows what it is really like. You should not tell somebody, “I know what you’re going through.” The reason is simple – You really don’t know what he or she is going through.


Un refrán en español dice: “Solo el que lleva el costal, sabe lo que lleva dentro.”
Es muy verídico, porque solamente la persona quien está pasando por un problema serio o está haciendo una tarea difícil sabe por las que está pasando. Jamás díganle a alguien: “Yo sé cómo te sientes.” La razón es que, en realidad, uno no sabe cómo se siente la otra persona


A proverb from India says: “A pearl is worthless as long as it is still in its shell.”

That applies just about to everything that is not being used for the purpose it was intended. A personal may have a lot of potential, but if he does not use it, it is worthless to him and to everybody else. A family could have a million dollars in the bank, but if they do not know it’s there, or if they do not withdraw some of it to use when needed, it is as if they did not have it. Jesus died, so that anyone who receives Him might have salvation, but if a person does not receive Him as his Lord and Savior, that person does not have salvation, and hell is waiting for him instead of heaven.


Un refrán de la India dice: “Una perla es inservible mientras está en la concha.”

Ese principio se le puede aplicar casi a todo en la vida que no se esté utilizando para su propósito correcto. Una persona puede tener mucho potencial, pero si no lo está desarrollando y usando no le hace bien a nadie. Una familia puede tener un millón de dólares en el banco, pero si no sabe que lo tiene o si no retira dinero de su cuenta bancaria, es como si no lo tuviera. Jesucristo murió para que todos tuviéramos la oportunidad de recibirlo como nuestro Señor y Salvador, pero si no lo recibimos no tenemos salvación, y nos espero el infierno en vez


A Spanish proverb says: “La mente es como un paraguas…no sirve si no se abre,” which means, “The mind is like an umbrella…it’s no good if one does not open it.”

Truer words have not been spoken. Unfortunately many people do not really open their minds. They are as closed-minded as can be. Those are the people who espouse hatred, racial prejudice, ignorance, and other negative doctrines.


Un proverbio nuestro dice: “La mente es como un paraguas…no sirve si no se abre.”

¡Qué palabras tan sabias! Desafortunadamente mucha gente, en realidad, no abre la mente. Le cierra la mente a todo lo desconocido. Esas son las personas quienes abrazan y propagan el odio, el prejuicio racial, la ignorancia y otras doctrinas negativas.


A Spanish proverb says: “He who does not know God, kneels down before any bearded person.”

This proverb is absolutely true. Look at how many so-called gods the different religions have. In some countries they have a so-called saint or virgin for every village, hill, or region. Some people do not only worship the sun, but everything underneath it. Here’s hoping you are not one of them, but if you are, in the Bible read Exodus 20:1-5, 1 Timothy 2:5, and 2 Timothy 3:16.


Un proverbio dice: “El que no conoce a Dios a cualquier barbón se le hinca.”

Ese refrán tiene toda la razón. Vean cuantos llamados dioses tienen las diferentes religiones. En algunos países cada loma, aldea o región tiene su llamado santo o virgen. Algunos hasta adoran al sol, y otros a todo lo que está bajo de él. Ojalá que no sea uno de esos, pero si lo es, en la biblia lea Éxodo 20:1-5, 1 Timoteo 2:5, y 2 Timoteo 3:16.


HELEN KELLER (1880-1968) – American Author, Political Activist and Lecturer

“When one door closes, another opens. But we often look so regretfully upon the closed door that we don’t see the one that has opened for us.”

We focus so much on the past and on situations that have come to their conclusion that we fail to see the opportunities staring us in the face.

HELEN KELLER (1880-1968) – Autora, Activista Política y Lectora Estadounidense

“Cuando una puerta se cierra, otra se abre. Pero solemos quedarnos mirando a la puerta cerrada por tanto tiempo, que no vemos a la otra que se nos ha abierto.”

Nos enfocamos tanto en el pasado, y en situaciones que ya han llegado a su conclusión que no vemos las oportunidades en frente de nosotros.


There is an English proverb that says: “You are pulling my leg.” Now days it means that you are joking with me, playing with me, kidding me or trying to fool me. However, that was not the original meaning or intent. The Spaniards have a similar refrain that says: “Me tomas el pelo,” which literally means, “You are pulling my hair.” It means the same as the English one.


De España viene el dicho: “Me tomas el pelo.” significa que estás jugando conmigo, que me quieres engañar, o que estás haciendo chiste. Los ingleses tienen uno parecido que dice: “You are pulling my leg.” literalmente dice, “Me estás jalando o tomando la pierna.” Se usa igualmente que el refrán en español.

Lusha the monkey in her stage act for a Moscow circus called Grandpa Durov’s Corner.


There’s a Polish refrain that says: “It’s not my circus nor my monkeys.”

It means that it is none of my business. It does not concern me in the least. In other words I don’t have to get involved nor do I have to give an opinion on the subject.


Un refrán polaco dice: “No es mi circo ni son mis monos.”

El refrán significa que no son mis negocios. No me concierne a mí para nada. En otras palabras no tengo que involucrarme ni dar mi opinión sobre ese tema, sea el que sea


A Spanish refrain says: “A amor y fortuna, resistencia ninguna,” which means, “To love and fortune there is no resistence.” In other words, people accept both of those readily. The reason is obvious – everybody needs more love and more money. We never seem to have enough of both of those.


Hay un refrán que dice: “A amor y fortuna, resistencia ninguna.” Normalmente todos nosotros necesitamos más amor y más fortuna. Siempre andamos en busca de ellos, porque la vida es mucho más placentera si tenemos esas dos cosas.


There is a proverb in Spanish that says, “Pedro que ladra no muerde.” It literally means, “The dog that barks does not bite.” It does not really refer to dogs, but to people who make a lot of noise, but do nothing. Some people put up a smoke screen, but that’s all that it is. They are vociferous, but there’s no action to it.


En español tenemos un refrán que dice, “Perro que ladra no muerde.” Algunos de esos perros si muerden, pero aquí no se refiere a perros, sino a gente. Hay personas quienes hacen mucho ruido, pero no hacen nada. Otros ponen una cortina de humo, pero es todo lo que es.   Algunos son vociferantes, pero hay falta de acción.

                                                                                                                                                                                           DO NOT THROW STONES

An English proverb says: “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.” When the religious leaders brought a lady to Jesus who had been caught in the act of adultery for Him to declare a sentence on her, He said: “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.” (John 8:7).
The main teaching here is that none of us are perfect. Therefore we should not be judging other people. We are just as wrong or as guilty as they are.


Un proverbio inglés dice: “La gente que vive en casas de cristal no debe arrojar piedras.” Cuando los líderes religiosos le trajeron a Jesucristo una mujer a quien habían sorprendido en el acto de adulterio para que le declarara el castigo, él les dijo: “El que de ustedes esté sin pecado, arrójele a ella la primera piedra.” (Juan 8:7).
La enseñanza de aquí es que nadie es perfecto, y que todos somos pecadores. Por eso mismo, no debemos juzgar a nadie. Estamos tan culpables o somos tan pecadores

                                                                     HASTE MAKES WASTE
There is a Mexican proverb that says: “El que mucho abarca, poco aprieta.” It literally means, “He who clasps a lot, puts very little pressure.” We have similar sayings, such as: “Haste makes waste,” and “Bite off more than you can chew.” In other words, if we try to do too much, we wind up accomplishing very little. Learn a lesson from this proverb.

                                                           NO HAGA MÁS DE LO QUE PUEDE
Un refrán mexicano dice: “El que mucho abarca, poco aprieta.” Se refiere a que no tratemos de hacer más de lo que sea normal, prudente, práctico y posible. Mucha gente fracasa, porque no saben cuál es su límite en cualquier proyecto en el cual estén involucrados. Al pasarse de lo normal, lo práctico y lo posible caen en la tendencia de hacer errores, y a veces esos errores son muy costosos.


An English proverb says: “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

Unfortunately it is very true with people. The people who complain the most, who yell the loudest, and who protest are the ones who get their way. It is not necessarily correct, but that is the way it is.


Un proverbio inglés dice así: “The squeaky wheel gets the grease,” lo que significa, “A la rueda rechinadora le dan la grasa,” o “La rueda rechinadora recibe la grasa.”

Desafortunadamente es muy cierto con las personas. A la gente que se queja más, la que grita más fuerte, y la que protesta es a la que le prestan atención. No es lo correcto, pero desgraciadamente así es.


There is a French proverb that says: “Il n’y a pas de fume sans feu,” which of course means, “There’s no smoke without a fire.” In English we have a similar proverb that says: “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

What it really means is that if there are rumors, something is really happening. The whole truth may not be known yet, but it is only a matter of time.


Un proverbio francés dice: “Il n’y a pas de fume sans feu,” lo que significa, “No hay humo sin fuego.” En español tenemos un proverbio parecido que dice, “Cuando el río truena, agua lleva.”

Lo que significan esos proverbios es que cuando hay rumores, lo más probable es que algo está sucediendo. Es posible que no se sepa toda la verdad todavía, pero eso es solamente cuestión de tiempo.

Photo of a handsome young business man in a contemplative mood









divine thoughts

There are many truths
but the supreme one is God’s truth.
There are many lights
but the only living one is God’s light.
There are many powers
but the power over every power is God.
There are many books
but the one divinely inspired is the Bible.
Where to be on Sundays?
The best places are Christian churches
There are ways of serving
but the best way of serving is to serve God.
There are many relationships
but the best one to have is one with our God.
There are many so-called gods
but the true God is the one of the Jewish people.
There are just two eternal places
and the best one of them we should choose is heaven.
There is plenty of good advice to give
but the one Christians should give is to let Jesus be your Lord.
There is only one way to receive salvation
and that way happens to be Jesus Christ the Son of the living God.

Hay verdades sobre verdades
pero la única verdad suprema es la de Dios.
Existen luces de todas clases
pero la única que nos da vida es la de Dios.
Nos afectan muchos poderes
pero sólo Dios tiene poder sobre todo poder.
Se han escrito muchos libros
pero sólo la biblia fue divinamente inspirada.
¿Dónde pasar los domingos?
Sería escuchando un sermón en una iglesia.
Hay muchos modos de servir
pero claro el mejor modo es de servirle a Dios.
Uno tiene muchas relaciones
pero es preferible tener una con nuestro Dios.
Hay muchos llamados dioses
pero el verdadero Dios es el bíblico de los judíos.
Hay dos alojamientos eternos
y el mejor para escoger es el cielo con Jesucristo.
Se pueden dar buenos consejos
y el mejor es de permitir que Jesús sea su Redentor.
Solamente hay un camino al cielo
y ese camino de solo sentido es Jesús el hijo de Dios.

No matter how many times you have fallen
get up one more time.
Regardless of how many times you have failed
just try one more time.
In spite of the fact you may be losing the game
don’t throw in the towel.
If miracles have eluded you every single time
believe one more time.
Maybe you have read God’s word many times.
Read it one more time.
God may have forgiven your sins many times.
He will do it once more.
It could be you prayed and nothing happened.
Pray it one more time.
If you witnessed to a person and he did not listen
witness to him again.

Sin importar cuantas veces hayas caído
levántate una vez más.
No importa cuántas veces hayas fracasado
inténtalo una vez más.
Aunque mires que estás perdiendo el partido
debes mantenerte en el.
Si los milagros se te han escapado vez tras vez
cree en ellos una vez más.
Tal vez hayas leído la palabra de Dios varias veces
lee la biblia una vez más.
Siendo que Dios Padre te ha perdonado miles de veces
te perdonará una vez más.
Posiblemente hayas orado y tus oraciones no se hayan cumplido.
ora lo mismo una vez más.
Probablemente le hablaste de Dios a alguien y no quiso escucharte.
Háblale de Dios una vez más.


In the eyes of people
I may be short, old and weak,
but in the eyes of God
I am tall, young and strong.
In the eyes of the world
I may seem ugly and not bright
but in the eyes of God
I am beautiful and intelligent.
In the eyes of strangers
I may appear lonely and friendless
but in the eyes of God
I have a friend and many brothers.
In the eyes of society
I may look poor and even homeless
but in the eyes of God
I am wealthy waiting for my mansion.
To successful people
I may not have a future whatsoever
but in the eyes of God
He is just waiting in heaven to bless me.
In the eyes of the pastor
I may be the biggest sinner that ever lived
but in the eyes of God
I am a saint because of what Jesus did for me.


En los ojos de la gente
puedo ser bajo, viejo y débil
pero en los ojos de Dios
soy alto, joven y muy fuerte.
En los ojos del mundo
puedo verme feo y poco tonto
pero en los ojos de Dios
soy muy hermoso e inteligente.
En los ojos de forasteros
me pueden ver solo y sin amigos
pero en los ojos de Dios
es mi amigo y tengo hermanos.
En los ojos del pastor
puedo ser el más grande pecador
pero en los ojos de Dios
soy un santo por medio de su Hijo.
En los ojos de la sociedad
me consideran pobre e indigente
pero en los ojos de Dios
soy rico con mi mansión en el cielo.
La gente muy exitosa
puede pensar que no tengo futuro
pero mi Dios bien sabe
que él ya me espera para bendecirme.


How is the soil of your heart?
Is it well-taken care and extremely fertile
or is it completely neglected by you?
Have you been irrigating it with God’s word
or is it drying up for lack of irrigation?
Have you been preparing it for harvest time
or you don’t care one way or the other?
Have you been cultivating it with some good deeds
or have you been selfish, callous and cold?
Have you been tending to it with prayers to Father God
or have you been leaving it alone completely?
Have you been fertilizing it with praises and worship to God
or have you been letting the weeds of life choke it up?


¿Cómo está la tierrita de tu corazón?
¿Está muy bien cuidada y es muy fértil
o la has dejado en la negligencia?
¿La has estado cultivando con buenas obras
o has sido frío, egoísta, e insensato?
¿Has estado cuidándola con oraciones a Dios
o la has abandonado completamente?
¿La has estado regando con la palabra de Dios
o está secándose por no leer la biblia?
¿La has estado preparando para una buena cosecha
o en el día del juicio no tendrás cosecha?
¿La has estado fertilizando con alabanzas y adoración
o has dejado que las hierbas la ahoguen?

I may not know you
but God does.
I may not see you
but God does.
I may not hear you
but God does.
I may ignore you
but God won’t.
I may not help you
but God will.
I may not bless you
but God might.
I may not love you
but God does.
I cannot save you
but Jesus can.

Sé que no te conozco
pero Dios sí.
Me es imposible verte
no para Dios.
Ni siquiera puedo oírte
pero Dios sí.
Tal vez hasta te ignore
pero Dios no.
Es posible que ni te ame
pero Dios sí.
No puedo darte salvación
pero Jesús sí.
Es posible que ni te ayude
pero Dios sí.
Tal vez ni desee bendecirte
pero Dios sí.


Through Jesus Christ I am more than a conqueror
because Jesus does the fighting for me
and He gives me the victory.
-Romans 8:37-
I can actually do all things through Christ Jesus
because He is constantly equipping me
so I can accomplish the mission.
-Philippians 4:13-
I can do what many considered to be impossible
because with God working through me
the impossible becomes possible.
-Mark 10:27-
No weapon formed against me can ever prosper
because the full armor of God is on me
to protect me from any attacks.
-Isaiah 54:17-
Because the Lord is my light and my salvation
I shall never fear anyone or anything
on this life or the one to come.
– Psalm 27:1 –
Since I cast all my burdens and problems to God
I release them to Him to live carefree
so I can enjoy life to the fullest.
-Psalm 55:22-


Todo lo puedo en Cristo Jesús
porque me equipa
en el corazón.
Porque Dios es mi luz y salvación
no le temo a nadie
ni a Satanás.
-Salmo 27:1-
Por Jesucristo soy más que vencedor
porque él pelea mi lucha
y me da la victoria.
-Romanos 8:37-
Puedo hacer lo que parece imposible
porque si Dios está en mí
todo es muy posible.
-Marcos 10:27-
Ninguna arma forjada contra mí prosperará
porque llevo la armadura de Dios
por protección de ataque.
-Isaías 54:17-
Ya que le echo a Dios mi carga y mis problemas
totalmente se los suelto para ser libre
y para disfrutar la vida.
-Salmo 55:22-


Instead of complaining about our lives
we should really appreciate them.
Instead of running away from problems
we should face the consequences.
Instead of taking advantage of the weak
we should be ready to help them.
Instead of justifying the wrong things we do
we should try to avoid doing them.
Instead of gossiping maliciously about others
we should refrain from doing that.
Instead of discriminating against other people
we should let them in our circle.
Instead of us being selfish, egocentric and stingy
we should share God’s blessings.
Instead of keeping ourselves desolate and isolated
we should reach out to people.
Instead of mocking people who make mistakes
we should give them some advice.
Instead of waiting for others to do something
we should take immediate action.
Instead of judging others with a critical eye
we should try to understand them.
Instead of keeping God’s word to ourselves
we should share it with the world.
Instead of living without God
ask Him into your life.


En vez de participar en el chisme
debes quedarte bien calladito.
En vez de huirles a los problemas
tú debes siempre solucionarlos.
En vez de criticar a otras personas
es mucho mejor escucharlas.
En vez de que te quejes de tu vida
debes en realidad apreciarla.
En vez de aprovechar del prójimo
debes estar listo para ayudarle.
En vez de justificar lo que tú haces
siempre debes hacer el bien.
En vez de simplemente discriminar
es mejor amar a tu hermano.
En vez que seas egoísta y tacaño
mejor comparte bendiciones.
En vez de estar encerrado y aislado
congrégate con muchos amigos.
En vez que estés burlando de otros
asegúrate de darles consejos.
En vez de esperar si alguien hace
toma las riendas y hazlo tú.
En vez que sólo conozcas la biblia
compártela con tus hermanos.
En vez de vivir en la fea oscuridad
acepta a Cristo en tu corazón.


I was fleeing from Yahweh
but was unable to outrun Him.
I moved away from God
but His eyes were fixed on me.
I was a slave captive to sin
but the Lord Jesus set me free.
I was so spiritually blind
but God’s Spirit opened my eyes.
I was as deaf as could be
before the Holy Spirit came to me.
I was hopeless in despair
but then the Son of God came to me.
I was in the darkest state
when the Lord shown His light on me.
I was terrified of death
before I knew I could have eternal life.
When I needed a real friend
Jesus came into my life and befriended me.
When this life is over for me
My Lord Jesus will come to take me home.



Le estaba huyendo a Dios
pero no permitió que me escapara.
Me alejé del Hijo de Dios
pero sus ojos estaban fijos en mí.
Era esclavo del pecado
pero el Señor Jesús me liberó.
Ciego espiritual era yo
y el Espíritu de Dios me iluminó.
La sordera me dominaba
antes que mi Dios viviera en mí.
Esperanzas no tenía yo
pero el hijo de Dios me las dio.
En la oscuridad vivía yo
cuando la luz de Dios a mí llegó.
Terror tenía de morir
antes de saber de la vida eterna.
Necesitaba yo un amigo
Y Cristo me ofreció su amistad.
Cuando me vaya de aquí
me iré a casa con mi Redentor.

God is love.
Receive His love.
God is light.
Ask Him for His light.
God is wisdom.
Search for that wisdom.
God is power.
Claim His protection for you.
God is present.
Talk to Him He is always with you.
God forgives.
Repent and Father God will forgive you.
God is grace.
Call on God’s grace because it is freely given.
God is patient.
Thank Him for His patience while He waits for you.
God redeems.
Allow Jesus into your heart, and He will redeem you.

Dios es amor.
Recibe ese amor.
Dios es luz.
Pídele que te dé luz.
Dios es sabio.
Busca tú su sabiduría.
Dios es poder.
Clama su protección para ti.
Dios está aquí.
Háblale él siempre está contigo.
Dios perdona.
Arrepiéntete y Dios te perdonará.
Dios es gracia.
Pídele gracia y te la dará libremente.
Dios es paciente.
Dale gracias por su paciencia por esperarte.
Dios nos redime.
Permite a Jesús entrar a tu vida y él te redimirá.



If hope fails you
it’s only because you don’t know God.
If you are not saved
it’s because you don’t believe in Jesus.
If you have no wisdom
it’s because the Holy Spirit is not in you.
If blessings are not yours
it’s only because God is not in your life.
If faith is not in your repertoire
it’s only because you are not in God’s word.
If you have no treasures in heaven
it’s only because you are not serving our Lord.


Si no tienes salvación
es que no crees en el hijo de Dios.
Si te faltan esperanzas
es porque no te has acercado a Dios.
Si no obras en sabiduría
es porque el Espíritu Santo no vive en ti.
Si no recibes bendiciones
es porque tú no tienes a Dios en tu vida.
Si no tienes la suficiente fe
es porque la palabra de Dios no está en ti.
Si no haces tesoros en el cielo
es porque no estás sirviendo o nuestro Dios.



Reading scientific books
will allow you to gain much worldly knowledge.
If you study the scriptures
you will begin to know God and to love Him.
By meditating on His word
you will receive heavenly wisdom from on high.
The Spirit of God lives in you
so you may have access to the heavenly throne.
By the blood that Jesus shed
you can be made completely clean of your sins.
If you receive God’s grace
you can become part of His extended family.
By putting your faith in Jesus
you will leave the darkness and come to the light.
When you receive God’s Son
as your Lord and Savior you will have eternal life.


El leer libros científicos
te dará mucho conocimiento mundano.
Si tú lees las escrituras
comenzarás a conocer y a amar a Dios.
Al meditar en su palabra
recibirás sabiduría celestial del Señor.
El Espíritu Santo vive en ti
para darte acceso al trono de Jesucristo.
Por la sangre que él vertió
puedes ser limpio de todos tus pecados.
Si recibes la gracia de Dios
te convertirás en parte de su familia.
Al poner tu fe en Jesucristo
dejarás la oscuridad y te acercas a la luz.
Si recibes al hijo de Dios
como tu Salvador tendrás vida eterna.


The time will come
when every knee will bow
before the King of kings and Lord of lords.
The time will come
when every tongue will confess
that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life.
The time will come
when every person will be judged
by our Creator, the Messiah, our Redeemer – Jesus Christ.
The time will come
when some will not have access to God
because they refused to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
The time will come
when the people who rejected Jesus’ sacrifice
will spend eternity in the lake of fire with the devil and his demons.


El tiempo llegará
cuando toda rodilla se doblará
ante el Rey de reyes y Señor de señores.
El tiempo llegará
cuando toda lengua confesará
que Jesucristo es el camino, la verdad, y la vida.
El tiempo llegará
cuando cada uno será juzgado
por el Creador, el Mesías, el Redentor – Jesucristo.
El tiempo llegará
cuando Dios se alejará de unos
porque no quisieron aceptar a Jesucristo como su Salvador.
El tiempo llegará
cuando los que rechazan a Jesús
pasarán la eternidad en el lago de fuego con el diablo y sus demonios


I love God
because He first loved me.
I love God
because He is merciful to us.
I love God
because He is compassionate.
I love God
because of His ever loving grace.
I love God
because He is humble and meek.
I love God
because He intercedes for His children.
I love God
because He shed His blood on the cross.
I love God
because soon He is coming back for us.
I love God
because He has prepared a place for me.
I love God
because He created the human race.
I love God
because He always provides for me.
I love God
because He protects us.
I love God
for who He is.

Amo a Dios
porque él primero me amó.
Amo a Dios
porque es manso y humilde.
Amo a Dios
porque intercede por nosotros.
Amo a Dios
por la compasión que nos tiene.
Amo a Dios
por la gracia que a todos nos ofrece.
Amo a Dios
porque es misericordioso con nosotros.
Amo a Dios
por haber derramado su sangre en la cruz.
Amo a Dios
porque vendrá a llevarnos con él al cielo.
Amo a Dios
porque ya nos ha preparado una morada.
Amo a Dios
porque nos protege de todo peligro.
Amo a Dios
por haber creado la raza humana.
Amo a Dios
porque siempre me provee.
Amo a Dios
por ser quien es.



The knowledge that God exists
comes through His word.
The light we receive from above
comes through His word.
The special love that all of us need
comes through His word.
Knowing our sins can be blotted out
comes through His word.
Realizing that our God is a forgiving-God
comes through His word.
Understanding the indefinite mercy of God
comes through His word.
Living our lives through God’s celestial wisdom
comes through His word.
Learning to live simply by faith and not by sight
comes through His word.
Discovering that salvation is by grace, and by it alone
comes through His word.
Understanding that the truth of all truths is Jesus Christ
comes through His word.


El conocimiento que Dios existe
viene por su palabra.
La luz que recibimos de las alturas
viene por su palabra.
El amor que todos tanto necesitamos
viene por su palabra.
El saber que los pecados pueden borrarse
viene por su palabra.
Percatarnos que nuestro Dios es perdonador
viene por su palabra.
EL entender la misericordia infinita de nuestro Dios
viene por su palabra.
El empezar a vivir nuestras vidas por la sabiduría de Dios
viene por su palabra
Aprender a vivir simplemente por fe y no por lo que vemos
viene por su palabra.
El descubrir que la salvación es solamente por la gracia de Dios
viene por su palabra.
El entender que la verdad de todas las verdades es Jesucristo


The Creator is our living God

Who created everything that is.

The Messiah is our Redeemer

as He redeems us from our sins.

The Son of man is Living Water

which quenches our spiritual thirst.

Jesus is the light of the world

and His word is a light unto our path.

The Son of God is Jesus Christ

Who came to reconcile us to the Father.

Jehovah Rapha is the healer

Who heals us of every illness and infirmity.

God’s Son is the morning star

and His light shines clearly every single day.

The Lord is the rose of Sharon

and His fragrance is a delight to our nostrils.

Jehovah Shalom is our peace

regardless of what may be happening in our lives.

Jehovah Jireh is the provider

Who provides for our needs whatever they may be.

The Lord of lords is Jesus

because God His Father put everything under His feet.

The way to heaven is Jesus

because there is no other name in which we can be saved.

No one else can forgive sins

except Jesus because He never sinned and gave up His life for us.



El Creador es el Dios viviente

quien creó todo lo que existe.

El Mesías es el Redentor

porque nos redime del pecado.

El hijo de Dios es agua viva

la que nos satisface la sed espiritual.

Jesús es la luz del mundo

y es su luz la que nos ilumina el sendero.

Es el hijo del hombre

el que vino a reconciliarnos con Dios Padre.

Jehová Rafa el sanador

nos cura y nos sana de toda enfermedad.

Jehová Jireh nos provee

porque él es nuestro Dios proveedor.

La estrellita matutina

es Jesucristo con su fuerte resplandor.

Cristo es la rosa de Sarón

y su fragancia es un deleite para mí.

Mi paz es Jehová Shalóm

sin importar por lo que esté pasando.

El Señor de señores

es Cristo porque Dios Padre así lo indicó.

El camino al cielo es

Jesucristo porque nadie más murió por nosotros.

Nadie perdona pecados

sólo Jesús porque él jamás pecó y dio su vida por nosotros.


I praise You, Holy God

for your grace endures forever

I uplift You, eternal God

for Your love endures forever.

I worship You my Lord

for your mercy endures forever.

I elevate You, my Savior

for Your blood covers me forever.

I adore You, Triune God

for Your compassion endures forever.

I exalt You,   Father God

for Your will endures forever and ever.

I love You, Lord Redeemer

for Your redeeming power endures forever.


Te venero, Dios trino

porque tu compasión permanece eternamente.

Te exalto, Dios Padre

por tu voluntad que permanece por siempre.

Te amo, Dios Redentor

porque el poder de tu redención es eterno.

Te alabo, Dios santo

por tu gracia que permanece eternamente.

Te adoro, mi Salvador

por tu misericordia que dura eternamente.

Te elevo, eterno Dios

porque tu amor permanece por siempre.

Agradezco, mi Señor

que tu sangre nos cubre por siempre.


Don’t listen to your unfounded fears.

Listen to the Holy Spirit in you.

Don’t act according to your doubts.

Act according to God’s word.

Don’t ever listen to negative people.

Listen to your own instincts.

Don’t believe the false news media.

Believe the word of God.

Don’t exalt yourself or other people,

but do exalt the triune God.

Don’t depend on people for anything.

Depend on Jehovah Jireh.

You should never trust in possessions.

Trust in God who never fails.

Don’t believe some of the evangelists.

Believe the word of God.

Don’t insist on always doing your will.

Do the will of our Father.


No escuches a tus temores infundados.

Escucha al Espíritu Santo.

No actúes según tengas algunas dudas.

Sólo haz la palabra de Dios.

Deja de escuchar a la gente negativa.

Pon atención a tus instintos.

No creas a los medios de comunicación.

Créele a la palabra de Dios.

Jamás te exaltes tú ni exaltes a nadie,

pero sí exalta al Dios trino.

Nunca   dependas   en nadie por nada.

Depende en Jehová Jireh.

No confíes en riquezas ni posesiones.

Confía en Dios el que salva.

No creas a muchos de los evangelistas.

Cree en la palabra de Dios.

No insistas en siempre hacer tu voluntad.

Haz la voluntad del Padre.



I will not boast on who I am

but I will boast on who my Lord is.

I will not boast on my strength

but I will boast on my Lord’s meekness.

I will never boast on my abilities

but I will boast on what God can do through me.

I will never boast on my possessions

but I will boast on how God provides for my needs.

I will never boast on my righteousness

but I will boast on Jesus’ perfectness and on His holiness

I will not boast on my accomplishments

but I will boast on what my Lord Jesus did on the cross for me.

I will not boast on my home here on earth

but I will boast on the mansion Jesus prepared for me in heaven.


No voy a jactarme en quién soy

pero sí vanagloriaré a mi Redentor.

No voy a alabarme por mi poder

pero alabaré a mi Señor y Salvador.

No me exalto por mis habilidades

sino en lo que Dios puede hacer conmigo.

No me vanaglorio por posesiones

pero exalto a Dios porque siempre me provee.

No me jacto por lo justo que soy

sino que exalto a Dios por su gracia y por su santidad.

Yo no me ufanaré por mis logros

pero sí le doy gloria a Jesús por lo que hizo en la cruz por mí.

No me exalto por mi hogar actual

pero alabaré a Jesús por la mansión que me preparó en el cielo.