January 20, 2021    Pray for our country, the USA, to have revival.  Ask God not to allow Joe Biden to undo all the good that President Donald Trump did for our country,  for Israel and for the world in general.

January 6, 2021    Pray for no violence in our country the rest of this month. Ask God to protect innocent people.  Ask your friends to do the same.  We are at a pivotal point in our history.  Your prayers are important and essential.

November 4, 2020     Pray there will not be any violence as a result of the Presidential election.  Pray for the truth to come out.  If there was fraud to be exposed, and if there was not, for the truth to come out, and be accepted.

September 30, 2020    Pray that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be defeated at the polls on November 3rd. They would take us to be like Cuba, Venezuela, China, Iran and Russia.  Socialism has never worked for the people and it never will.  Don’t fall for the lies of the Democrats.  They just want to control our lives 100%.


Please pray that COVID-19 will be over in 3 weeks and that the BLM violence will also be over at the same time.  God bless you!  July 8, 2020


Por favor ore para que el virus y la violencia de BLM terminen dentro de tres semanas. Dios lo bendiga!!!  8 de julio 2020


Our country is being attacked by two different foes, which of course, are being used by the devil himself.  Please pray that COVID-19 will be over as well as the violence that is occurring throughout our country.  God bless you for praying and believing in God!


Nuestro país está siendo atacado por dos fuerzas diferentes las cuales están recibiendo su apoyo del mismo diablo.  Oren para que se termine el virus corona y para que se termine la violencia por todo nuestro país. Que nuestro Señor los bendiga!

The leftist group is not interested in a peaceful country, but rather in an anarchy, a socialist government or a dictatorship where they can pull all the strings. Please pray for God to put an end to the rioting, looting and violence that is going on in our country with the excuse that they want to put an end to racism. They are creating more racism, more hatred and are dividing the country more than ever.   June 10, 2020

El grupo izquierdista no está interesado en un país pacífico, sino en tener anarquía, un gobierno socialista o una dictadura donde ellos puedan tener todo el poder. Por favor oren para que se terminen los robos, los tumultos y la violencia la cual está paralizando nuestro país. En vez de ayudar para que se termine el racismo le están echando más leña al fuego para que haya más racismo, más disturbios, y más violencia.    10 de Junio 2020

V I O L E N C E 6/3/2020
Pray to our God that this violence in the USA will come to an end. At this point it is not about racial inequality or discrimination, but it is about violence and destroying our country. At the same time, pray for the COVID-19 to come to an end worldwide. Both the violence and the virus are systematic attacks by the devil, but greater is God who is in us (1 John 4:4).

L A V I O L E N C I A 3 de Junio 2020
Órenle a Dios para que la violencia en los Estados Unidos de América termine. A este punto ya no es de desigualdad racial ni de discriminación, sino de violencia y tratar de destruir nuestro país. También oren para que se termine el COVID-19 mundialmente. Ambos el virus y la violencia son ataques del diablo contra nosotros, pero más grande es Dios quien está con nosotros que el diablo que está en el mundo (1 Juan 4:4).

April 22, 2020…….Please pray for this virus to subside and to leave us alone as soon as possible. Also pray that people will get closer to God at this time.

22 de Abril 2020…Por favor oren para que este virus se disminuya rápidamente, y que la gente se acerque mucho más a Dios.


April 15, 2020…..Pray that this coronavirus will be over by this Friday.  With men it is impossible, but with God all things are possible (Mark 10:27)

April 8, 2020...…..The whole world needs this coronavirus to be over.  Please pray two or three times a day that it will be over by April 17, 2020.  Remember…with God all things are possible.  Do not question if it’s possible or not, just pray it in faith and God will do it. Read the rest of this entry »