Our Book, “What God Wants You To Know”

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“What God Wants You To Know”

If you are not a Christian yet, or a brand new one, and want to know more about Christianity, our book, “What God Wants You To Know, explains all the basic principles in an easy-to-understand manner.  The book is bilingual (English/Spanish).  If you read it from the front to the back, it is in English, but if you read it from the back to the front, it is in Spanish.

If you have a friend or a family member who only reads Spanish, you can lend them the book and they too will learn from it.  The ninety minutes that it takes to read the book can easily change your or somebody else’s  life forever.  It is an investment in your future.

Any confusion you may have will be cleared up once you read the book.  Each principle that is covered and explained is supported by Bible scriptures.  This way, you yourself can look it up in the Bible and verify that it comes from God and not man.

The following topics are covered by chapter.  Chapter One:  Who Needs God?,  Which God Should I Choose?,  What Can God Do For Me?,  The First Thing You Should Do,  The Bible, Creation, The Creator, A Triune God – The Divine Trinity and The Garden of Eden.

The Second Chapter:  God’s Will, God’s Condemnation, God’s Purpose For Your Life, A New Beginning, You Will Not Be Saved By Your Works and Only The Shedding Of Blood Redeems Sins.

Chapter Three:  Obedience Or Disobedience, God’s Blessings Or His Curses, God Is Impartial, The Jews First and It Rains On The Just And The Unjust.

Chapter Four:  God Loves You Beyond Compare, You Cannot Come To The Father, Except Through Jesus,  Repentance, Why Is It So Important For Me To Repent Now?, You Can Come To God As You Are, You Must Be Born Again and The Sinner’s Prayer.

Chapter Five:  The Lamb’s Book Of Life, You Must Stay Attached To The Vine, What Religion Does God Want Me To Follow?, Baptism, Communion – The Lord’s Supper, God’s Promises Are Always Conditional and Man Is Limited, But Not God.

Chapter Six:  Faith, The Strongest Weapon, The Purpose Of Prayer, The Effectiveness Of Prayer, Preventive Prayer, Praise And Worship and Fasting.

Chapter Seven:  The Real Adversary, Generational Curses, Territorial Curses, Demonic Activity, Protect Your Door! and Be Extremely Careful What You Confess.

Chapter Eight:  You Have To Renew Your Mind, God’s Word Explains To You Who You Are, Find Your Situation In The Scriptures, Now That You Know Who You Are…, Establish Your Priorities Correctly, Power Scriptures, I Do Not Have Talents and Good Luck!!

In those chapters, we also explain heaven and hell, repentance, forgiveness, salvation, eternity and many more things.  If you live in the USA  or Canada and want to buy the book, send us $16 in cash, a money order or check to:  La Luz Viviente, Inc., 2718 Decoy Drive, Sparks, NV 89436

If after you read the book, you still have questions about topics covered in the book, or some others that may not appear in it, send us an e-mail, rlsalvation@sbcglobal.net and we will be glad to answer them.